The Resilient OneTitle:  The Resilient One
Series:  Billionaire Bride Pact
Author:  Cami Checketts
Genre:  Com temporary Romance
Published:  January 11, 2016
My Rating:  3.5 stars
Source:  Borrowed with Kindle Unlimited
Cover Description:

Alyssa Armsworth, a world-renowned photographer, has no intentions of honoring the Billionaire Bride Pact she made at girl’s camp to avoid getting whipped cream smeared on her face while she slept. Marriage is the last thing on her to-do list and when her father forces his wealthy friends on her, she runs to Maui.

Her plan to jog on the beach, take some great pictures, and avoid men works–until Beckham Taylor arrives. Spending days on the white sand with the handsome ex-NHL star is ideal, but Alyssa’s guilt for past transgressions begins to consume her. She doesn’t think Beckham could ever forgive what she’s done to him and his family. Before she can confess, her misdeeds are thrust onto the front cover of the tabloids. Now, Alyssa must face her past or lose her future.

Read on for my thoughts on The Resilient One.

Alyssa and Beck’s romance could be called ideal – if only Alyssa didn’t know the truth about a past encounter.  Years ago Alyssa had been the photographer who snapped a picture of a grieving family – the tabloids turned that photo of Beckham and his sister at their parents’ funeral into something twisted and totally not true.  Now, once again, Maryn is asking Alyssa to get involved in Beck’s life.  While Alyssa would do most anything for her friend, she is a reporter and unfortunately had worked for that tabloid back when that horrible picture was taken.  With reassurances that nothing like that will happen again, Alyssa agrees to try to run into Beck during his visit / vacation.  She’s uncomfortable about all of this but it’s one quick conversation and over.  She hopes.

Beck had headed to Hawaii for one reason – to find the famous photographer A. A. and convince them to join him on his trips to some of the most desolate places on the planet to photograph the children in the hopes of raising funds to offer help.  He knew the photographer would have a showing at a local gallery, and that’s all he knew for certain – the rest he was trusting to luck.

The Resilient One is a love story for two people who have lived tragic lives and overcome so much.  It’s also a tale of betrayal on many levels.  Alyssa’s father is an absolute scumbag who has, in the past, offered his daughter up to the highest bidder.  Alyssa’s trust in men is shot, especially after the assaults made possible by her father.  It is perhaps ironic that the one man she is learning to trust is the one man she is terrified will find out her role in harming his family during their grief.

I have to admit that my favorite character is Alyssa’s grandmother.  She’s eighty plus, spunky as all get out and keeps this story focused in many ways.  While Beck and Alyssa are falling in love, other forces are at work to destroy what they’ve created.  What appears as the ultimate betrayal will divide them – it will take a lot of help from her grandmother to set things right again.

I would recommend The Resilient One and plan to pick up the other stories in this series.  I would consider this a “clean & sweet” romance as there is no bedroom action.

Available in paperback and for the Kindle