Quinn Sutton thought he was safe from the matrimonial fever that had ended his friends’ bachelor ways. Even if he did feel a little envious, as the virtual newcomer to town, he wanted nothing more than to concentrate on building the ranch he’d inherited from his uncle and attempt to keep afloat his fledgling law practice. But when his former boss asked him to keep his daughter safe, he found the request impossible to refuse. And once she arrived at his ranch, Quinn was beset with overpowering yearnings for the beautiful Faith.

Faith Greene had grown up trying—and failing—to be the son her father had always wanted. Having lost her mother at an early age, she’d spent her life attempting to find a way to earn her father’s love. When he took a case that put her life in danger, he sent her to the one man whose name she’d gotten sick of hearing—Quinn Sutton. The lawyer turned rancher that had received more of her father’s affection in a few years than she had in a lifetime. She was set to dislike him, but once he touched her, she didn’t want to let go. Could she find a way to stop living her life for her father and learn to please herself? With Quinn’s help, she just might.

Titles in this series include:  Falling For Her Cowboy BossClaim Me, Cowboy – The Cowboy’s Christmas Present

Title:  The Cowboy’s Christmas Present
Series:  Cowboys of Colton County #3
Author:  Joann Baker & Patricia Mason
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  January 3, 2016
My Rating:  4 stars

Quinn couldn’t possibly admit to being a bit envious that his friends Jacob and Boone had found the perfect women to make their lives complete.  Nah, he was fine as the remaining bachelor in their circle of friends.  Most days anyway.  But things are about to get interesting when his former boss, a man Quinn looked up to finally asked him for a favor.  He just hadn’t imagined it would be babysitting Faith while a possibly dangerous trial was taking place.

To say that Faith was a bit upset at being bundled up and flown from the warmth of her Florida home to the snow covered range of cattle country would be an understatement.  She was madder than a hornet splashed with water, and not afraid to show it.  To make matters worse her father had sent her to the golden boy, the man her father treated like the son he never had – even though his daughter would have proudly taken that place in a heartbeat.  She could moan and complain that her father never truly paid attention to her till those cows on the ranch came home – truth hurt, but complaining about it didn’t make that pain go away.  She was stuck here and both she and Quinn knew it.

Faith and Quinn got off to a rocky start.  He pushed aside the attraction and she tried to ignore it.  But time, close quarters and a touch of danger will usually take people past those first impressions.  What I enjoyed  most about The Cowboy’s Christmas Present was watching Faith come to terms with her father’s lack of outward affection, his not truly valuing her in many ways  It’s a bitter pill to swallow when we have to give up on childhood dreams and accept reality.  Quinn was right there as her support, but it was heartening to watch her acknowledge, accept and move on from a parent’s indifference and accept her own worth finally.

I enjoyed this romance very much.  Aside from the implied danger to Faith, it was a lovely getting beneath the surface romance that showed these two what truly mattered.  Each other.  I would recommend this story and the two previous ones to any Romance reader who enjoys a good, solid romance with believable people.

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