Her whole life, Chastity Quinlan has dreamed of NOT living up to her name. But now that she is free of her parents’ iron rule, ready to say “I do” to Chris Culpepper, it looks like all that is about to change….

Chris Culpepper is more than happy to marry fun and feisty Chastity. He’s looking forward to helping her obliterate the implication of her name. But if it’s not one thing (*cough* wool allergy) it’s another (*double cough* teeth marks).

But with all the sexual energy flying around, the true strength of Chastity and Chris’s coupling may not be between the sheets. Each of them have dreams that they’ve left behind, thanks to pressure from their family. Now, with their powers combined, they may just find the courage to pursue those dreams, in spite of the odds stacked against them.

Titles in this series include:  Wyoming Wedding by Kirsten Osbourne – Rancher’s Remorse by Merry Farmer – Cowboy’s Conundrum by Kirsten Osbourne – Teacher’s Troublemaker by Merry Farmer – Baker’s Bargain by Kirsten Osbourne –  Scotsman’s Siren by Merry Farmer – Trainer’s Treat by Kirsten Osbourne – Veterinarian’s Vixen by Merry Farmer – Contractor’s Cookies by Kirsten Osbourne – Tycoon’s Tryst by Merry Farmer – Bartender’s Beauty by Kirsten Osbourne – Drifter’s Darling by Merry Farmer – Agent’s Admirer by Kirsten Osbourne – Hairdresser’s Honey by Merry Farmer
Title:  Teacher’s Troublemaker
Series:  Culpepper Cowboys #4
Author:  Merry Farmer
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  April 6., 2016
My Rating:  4 stars

Throughout the first three stories in this series Chris and Chastity have been a purely fun chuckle to observe.  I found myself waiting with anticipation for their story to emerge completely.  They are funny, naughty, charming and just plain fun to watch as they face disaster after disaster in getting their marriage off the ground and into the… sexy times.  I don’t think I’ve laughed until I cried over a story in a long time.  There is nothing about this story that readers won’t like.  And a lot to further endear this couple to us as we begin to realize the strength and maturity they both possess that we probably didn’t give them credit for earlier on.

Going along on their journey into marriage was a delight and I completely enjoyed their story.  Back when I first got this story this is where the series stopped.  Now, I’m delighted to discover that there are many more stories to look forward to  (yes, I have some catching up to do).

Looking for a really good series, some believable characters and simply lovely romances?  Then I’d recommend this story and this series to any Romance reader.

Available in paperback and for the Kindle