Discover River’s End Ranch, a gorgeous “destination ranch and resort” in Riston, Idaho, that is run by the six Weston siblings and their well-meaning, semi-retired parents.

Kelsi Weston, the youngest of six siblings, loves life. She has a job she adores, is surrounded by people she loves, and gets to work with people she cares about. If only she could keep cooks in the café she manages, life would be perfect. When her long-time boyfriend announces he’s leaving town for a new job on the same day her cook leaves with no notice, she does what she always does. She handles it.

Sheriff Shane Clapper has loved Kelsi for years, going to her café for lunch every day simply so he can see her. When he hears she’s broken up with her boyfriend, he immediately goes to the café to make his move. Why let grass grow under his feet? He knows what he wants, and he plans to get it!

Will the sheriff be able to convince Kelsi she would be happier with him? Or will she give into her mother’s demands to date the man picked out for her?

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Title:  Short-Order Sheriff
Series:  River’s End Ranch #1
Author:  Kirsten Osbourne
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  October 10, 2016
My Rating:  4 stars

Short-Order Sheriff begins the River’s End Ranch multi-author series with a charming, slightly crazy family of brothers and sisters, each one a bit different and unique in their own fashion.  They have control of the family’s ranch resort, but only partially as their sorta retired parents haven’t signed the business over to them just yet… no, a few surprises and tests will come before they can take over their inheritance… and a lot of fun stories for us in the meantime.  We get a brief meeting with several members of Kelsi’s family and some well loved resort employees as well.  But Kelsi and Shane’s romance is the true star of this first story of the series.

Shane has been sheriff of the small town of Riston, Idaho for several years now.  He’s also been in love with Kelsi for years, from afar and waiting for her to ditch the loser long time boyfriend and notice him.  Shane won’t step into an established relationship, but he certainly wastes no time when the boyfriend heads his car with U-Haul attached out of town.  Kelsi discovers that she’s not all that broken up over her long time boyfriend’s decision to go work for Disney selling cotton candy of all things.  Perhaps it was a break up that was way overdue.  When the sheriff sets himself down for his daily lunch a bit early today she’s about to find out just how patient a man he can be.

What follows is a fun, quirky entertaining romance that includes some whimsy, a hair-brained notion from Kelsi’s mother, some big brother talks and a love to hold onto for a lifetime – if Kelsi is willing to reach for it.

I had fun with Short-Order Sheriff.  It’s the type of story that you’ll simply have fun with.  Yes, there is cute and quirky, clean romance and toe curling kisses as well as the type of secondary characters you’ll soon want to learn more about.  It’s a feel good romance that starts off a series that hopefully will deliver more along the same line.  As of today’s date there are thirteen make that fifteen stories in this series, so somethings right about it all.  *grin*  And I’m already looking forward to the next story in line.  I happen to love the quirkiness of some characters, and the bits of whimsy tossed about in this story.  Life is serious enough, we should get to the fun parts as well.  If you love light hearted romance then this is a story that you’ll like.

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