romancing-the-montana-brideTitle:  Romancing The Montana Bride
Series:  Montana Lakeside #1
Author:  Vella Munn
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  July 1, 2016
My Rating:  4 stars
Source:  Own Kindle Edition
Cover Description:

Five years ago, Jes and Shyla Croft spent their honeymoon at Lake Serene. Now they’ve returned to end their marriage.

But rather than quickly getting the divorce over with like a business deal, they spend time reminiscing about the lake that once brought them together, realizing the sparks that ignited their relationship may not have entirely burnt out after all…

Then Jes hands Shyla a piece of paper that will make more of an impact on their futures than divorce papers…

Will what they thought was a final trip back to Lake Serene end up being enough to save their marriage?

Titles in this series include:  Romancing The Montana Bride – Redeeming Her Montana Love – His Montana Rescue – Saved By The Montana Hero – Taming His Montana Heart

Lake Serene, Montana works some of its magic on the first couple in the Montana Lakeside series.  This opening story is extremely focused on two characters.  Shyla and Jes Croft.  They’d spent their honeymoon here in this beauty, and now they were about to sign the papers that would end all the possibilities that existed during their first trip here.

Romancing The Montana Bride opens a door on the harsh realities of two people who haven’t stopped loving each other but that love has become buried beneath a lack of honest communication between them.  Silence to the point where Shyla believed the only way to save herself was to walk away.  Now, a year later, she’s back where they began with divorce papers in hand ready to finally put it behind them – because someone had to, they couldn’t keep on ignoring the elephant in the room for the rest of their lives.

During their day together in this beautiful setting with nature and all her creatures around them, without another human in sight, Jes and Shyla will finally honestly, openly talk to each other as they never did before.  They’ll discover a lot of things they didn’t know, but should have.  They will also get a deeper look into why things happened as they did – and sadly, how the simple act of talking to each other might have had a far different outcome.

This is a story where the reader’s emotions are going to come into play.  Sadness, exasperation with both characters, a few soft chuckles and an overwhelming sense of self wondering… is this what they are doing in their own lives.  You’ll do some soul searching and questioning if you allow Jes and Shyla’s situation relate to your own life.  And that’s a good thing – often fiction will allow us a glimpse into ourselves.

I enjoyed this beginning.  It made me think and feel – and those are the best books for me.  While the resort that Shyla is taking pictures for doesn’t play a big part in this first story – it will down the line.  I’ve read the entire series now, and I would recommend all of these stories for any Romance reader who enjoys a good, solid story and an emotional love story.

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