55“Romance Is Ageless” is a book blog.

It’s  not one of “those” sites where one can find just about any sexual thing on the planet and beyond.  Nope.  Not gonna find that here.

You will find Romance – Ageless Romance.

In recent months I, and some other book bloggers that I follow, have noticed a distressing trend.  So many Romance Heroines are in their 20’s.  It seems that very few women in today’s Romance Novels are beyond the age 29…that seems to be the general cut-off age.

It would seem that book publishers, book editors and “those in the know” are telling authors that Romance doesn’t exist for those beyond a certain age.  That we, of an older age group, must imagine our more youthful selves within any Romance novel and pretend that sexieness, hotness, adventure and most of all – love – just doesn’t exist for those of us beyond a “certain” age.

“Bollocks!” as Roarke would say.  (If you don’t know Roarke, you don’t know one of the sexiest millionaires on or off the planet – check out J. D. Robb’s In Death series *wink*)

spinning kid

It simply makes no sense to me what so ever that all females in Romance novels should be not much older than that young lady above.  Really?  No offense ladies, but in your 20;s you are just beginning to understand love and all of it’s stages and growth.  Honestly.  Trust me there is so much more wonderful to come.

marilyn beach

One of the most beautiful and sensuous women ever to grace the big screen, Marilyn Monroe was in her mid-30’s (36) when she died.

It simply boggles the mind to think that women in fiction these days are not considered heroine material if they have passed their 20’s.  So Sad.

Looking For Love At All The Right Ages

This blog of mine – Romance Is Ageless – is intended to be a tribute to fictional heroines of all ages … especially those in their 30’s and beyond.

Look for book reviews on books where the main characters are no longer in their teen years.  More mature, certainly more world-wise but still as romantic, sensuous, sexy, hot and looking for love at any stage of life.

In truth, this won’t be a daily updated blog – for now.  Why?  Because the novels that I’m looking to review here are not all that easy to find.  You have to look for them.  Oh, they’re out there and I will share every single one that I come across.

Because… Romance is ageless.

Join me.  I dare you.  🙂