Opening a bed and breakfast with her cousin in her hometown of Silver Springs, Colorado has been Bri Roberts lifelong ambition, and it’s finally coming true. They are two months, a lot of hard work, and some spit and polish away from making all their dreams come true. Bri is focused and ready to work as hard as it takes to make a success of herself. When a contractor moves into town and messes with her head, she agrees to go out with him just once, knowing it will never lead anywhere.

Anthony Black is new to Silver Springs and more than a bit thrilled by the small-town feel. Everyone knows everyone else, and he has a new job building a couple of bathrooms for a B&B that’s about to open. The first day on the job he meets saucy Bri Roberts and immediately decides he’s going to make her his wife. The problem is she doesn’t necessarily like him at first. Will Anthony be able to convince Bri that she is what he’s been looking for all his life? Or will outside forces manage to keep them apart?

Titles in the Roberts of Silver Springs series include:  Rocky Mountain Mornings by Kirsten Osbourne – Rocky Mountain Hero by Cassie Hayes – Rocky Mountain Soul by Kay P. Dawson – Rocky Mountain Bride by Nadia S. Lee – Rocky Mountain Promise by Ciara Knight –

Title:  Rocky Mountain Mornings
Series:  Roberts of Silver Springs #1
Author:  Kirsten Osbourne
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  March 3, 2017
My Rating:  4 stars

Rocky Mountain Mornings kicks off the multi-author Roberts of Silver Springs series.  And I already know that this series is going to be a favorite.  Why?  I have a life-long friend whose family could be the pattern for the Roberts family.  If you can’t take a tease or a banter, then you’re in serious trouble because that’s how my friend’s family shows affection.  If they don’t tease you, then they don’t like you.  It’s that simple.  And that is equally true for the numerous members of the Roberts family brothers, sisters, cousins and all.  So it was very easy for me to fall into the banter, mock fights and teasing that this first story is simply full of – and I loved every moment of it.

It has always been Bri and her cousin Bekah’s dream to turn their grandmother’s beautiful home into a Bed & Breakfast one day.  It’s taken a lot of work, money and determination but they’re finally almost ready to open up the doors of their business.  Just a few more things to get done and they should meet their two months to go opening date.

When Bri returns from her morning run to find the contractor sitting on the front steps, early, they definitely get off on the wrong foot.  Yet it isn’t too long before Anthony is teasing her in outrageous ways, and she’s giving back just as good as she gets.  In fact, somehow they end up on a first date that night – and the rest is simply a matter of time.  Soon Anthony is proclaiming his devotion in a teasing, bantering fashion and Bri isn’t exactly sure how to take him but she’s going to play along.  Who knows?  Maybe he’s serious after all.

I really enjoyed Bri and Anthony.  The constant mock bickering, teasing and such isn’t my ideal life – I know me.  But when it’s done between people who enjoy that and are good at it, then it’s fun to experience and enjoy along with them.  Of course, we have that one spoiled brat, Jennifer, to deal with.  But in time she’ll get her comeuppance… just wait for it.  It’s a lovely whirlwind romance that fits these characters perfectly.

In all, Rocky Mountain Mornings is a fun, lively, family strong romance that sets the tone for a fun, interesting series.  I’m about to head over and download the next story, so yeah, I’d recommend this one without a doubt.

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