Kaya Taylor lived a simple, quiet life. As a single romance writer, she spent most of her time alone, except for her online friends. Going on a writer’s retreat to some huge destination ranch in Idaho sounded like a dream come true. She would get to spend time with a couple of her closest friends, be in new surroundings, and maybe even learn to ride a horse. On her first night on the ranch, she saw Glen and knew her heart would always belong to him.

Glen Johnson had a plan. He was only a few months from getting his doctorate, and then he was going to turn his uncle’s old ranch he’d inherited into an equine therapy center for autistic children. He’d been working toward the goal for years, and nothing and no one would derail him from it. When he met Kaya, he felt an immediate connection, but he couldn’t let it change his plans.

Would Glen be able to make changes to the life plan he’d made for himself? Or would they both spend the rest of their lives aching for the love they lost?

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Title:  Ranch’s Retreat
Series:  River’s End Ranch #6
Author:  Kirsten Osbourne
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  November 19, 2016
My Rating:  4 stars

Ranch’s Retreat gives us a little glimpse into a writer’s life – and a lovely “love at first sight” romance to make you believe again.  When writer friends, May, Liz and Kaya meet up for a two week stay at the River’s End Ranch where Liz once worked and found her own love, no one was looking for love simply some time with friends and some serious writing.  But love strikes when we least expect it, and certainly when we’re not looking.

Kaya knew as soon as the handsome cowboy stepped int Kelsey’s Cafe and set that gorgeous behind on a stool at the counter that he was “it” for her.  She couldn’t tell you why she was so certain or how she was going to manage to grab this cowboy’s heart – but there really was no other option for her.  Kaya may write about love at first sight, but she knew the symptoms when they struck her and that cowboy was her’s.

Glen has his life planned.  He was about to finish up his doctorate, his own ranch was coming together and soon he’d launch the dream that he’d held onto through the years.  He wasn’t looking for a woman to share his life with.  Sure, five years or so down the line once the ranch was functional and smoothly running, but not now.  Fate often has other plans for us, and when one lovely guest pulled him down for a kiss and declared that he was her love … well, he certainly wasn’t ready for that lightening bolt.  Yet it didn’t take him long in Kaya’s company to realize the truth of her words.  But he didn’t have time for love and romance, he had a plan and he was determined to stick with it… even if he had to watch his love walk away.

I enjoyed Ranch’s Retreat.  Glen and Kaya make a loving couple even when the timing was wrong.  Love wins in the end.  Yet watching these two proud, caring people find their way to the solution was a very fun ride.  I’d recommend this story and the entire series to any Romance reader.  If you’re looking for good, solid romantic times, then you cannot beat the River’s End Ranch series.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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