Sage Carrigan never meant to be the other woman. Unfortunately, bronco rider Dawson O’Dell neglected to mention he was married the night he invited her to his bed after they’d both placed first in their rodeo events. When his wife walked in on them – Sage was deeply hurt and humiliated.

After an accident in the ring the next day, Sage decides she’s quitting the rodeo–and cowboys—to become a chocolatier in her hometown ranching community, Marietta, Montana. She’s doing just fine, but then Dawson shows up —five years later, with a little girl in tow. He’s here for the Copper Mountain Rodeo hoping to win big. But he’s also got plans of settling down with his daughter and buying a house—the very same one that Sage has been dreaming about. He says he’s here for her and he’s making lots of promises. But can he keep them?

Titles in the Carrigans of Circle C series include:  Promise Me, Cowboy – Good Together – Close To Her Heart – Snowbound In Montana – A Cowgirl’s Christmas – A Bramble House  Christmas

Tule Publishing often has titles in more than one “series”.  This could be a series about an entire family or about an event happening in Marietta, Montana.  Promise Me, Cowboy is also part of The 75th Copper Mountain Rodeo … and Sage’s chocolate shop is the center of many, if not in some ways, all of the stories in the year long series Love At The Chocolate Shop

Title:  Promise Me, Cowboy
Series:  Carrigans of Circle C #1 & The 75th Copper Mountain Rodeo #3
Author:  CJ Carmichael
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  October 13, 2015
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Recently I’ve gotten caught up in the twelve book, year long, multiple authors series from Tule Publishing entitled:  Love At The Chocolate Shop.  All, so far, are amazing Romances and I’d suggest that you should check them out.  In all of the stories there is some connection to Sage’s chocolate shop and in most Sage makes an appearance as a secondary character.  I got to thinking about Sage and Dawson, and how the whole Chocolate Shop began a few years ago.  So, I went back and checked and no, I had not reviewed Promise Me, Cowboy but I had read it in a collection of stories.  I broke out that collection and re-read the beginning of Sage and Dawson’s romance – and I’m very glad that I did.  Good memories, and a better connection to the current series going on now.

It had been around five years since that humiliating, terrifying night.  Not that Sage allowed herself to go down memory lane too often.  Thing is, sometimes those memories pop up right in front of you – on the opposite side of the counter stood the man she’d loved and hated. The man who’d lied and inadvertently helped cause the accident that ended her rodeo career the following day.  The man who could easily hurt her all over again, and she wasn’t sure that she’d survive another round of Dawson O’Dell.

Dawson was back in Marietta for the rodeo and for Sage.  Yeah, he’d screwed up but that didn’t mean that his feelings for her were untrue or that she wasn’t constantly on his mind.  He had some apologizing to do and if all went right she’d be back in his life.  But things rarely go according to the plans in our heads and Sage wanted nothing to do with him now, especially once she found out one bit of information he was hoping to hold back until it was resolved for good.  Yeah. things did not go well for Dawson.

Promise Me, Cowboy gives us Sage and Dawson’s romance – and it also gives us the beginning of the stories of the Carrigan family, four sisters and a father who’ve lived through some tough emotional times.  There are secrets in the Carrigan family and eventually they’re going to come out and start biting people, stirring up a past that is best left where it lies now.  But life isn’t always fair and the Carrigans have some interesting times ahead.

Sage is strong, stubborn and the kind of woman you’d love to call your best friend.  She’s holding on to secrets that could destroy lives and as life gets interesting, so do those secrets rise closer to the surface.  Dawson made mistakes, some he could have avoided others, well, there was no way to get past them.  He’s making a better life now and he’s determined to bring Sage around to understanding his side of events.  The last thing he wants is to cause her more pain – yet they’re both going to be in pain until they finally put the past behind them and move forward, together.

I enjoyed my time re-visiting with Sage, Dawson and their families.  If you’ve gotten caught up in Love At The Chocolate Shop, too then this is a great way to discover how Sage got to that career in the first place.  A charming love story, interesting secondary characters and a couple who you just know needs to be together.

I purchased this title in the Father’s Day Romance Collection that was a limited edition offering a while ago.

Available in audio and for the Kindle