When Joni Kley finished her degree in social work, she didn’t feel like she could immediately quit her job as assistant manager of Kelsey’s Kafé on River’s End Ranch. Now that she is free to look around for something else, she’s not sure where she wants to go. She loves Idaho and the ranch, and can’t imagine living anywhere else, but there aren’t exactly a lot of social work jobs in town. When a new cowboy shows up at the ranch, she’s intrigued about the stories he tells her about the boys’ ranch where he was raised and still works.

 Max Logan sees Joni as soon as he arrives at River’s End Ranch. She not only gives him warm coffee, but she takes him to the store and makes him buy winter gear—something he’s never really needed at the ranch he works for in Texas. It doesn’t take him long to realize he wants to take her home with him, and he suggests she apply for a job at the McClain Boys’ Ranch. Will she be able to go with him and live happily ever after? Or will his past come between them?

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Title:  Peppermint Proposal
Series:  River’s End Ranch #31
Author:  Kirsten Osbourne
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  November 3, 2017
My Rating:  4 stars

Max has rarely taken a vacation away from home and work – that they both are in the exact same spot is a blessing for him, but he’s being sent on a vacation that he doesn’t really feel he needs.  The bonus to heading to the snowy mountains of Idaho instead staying home in the warm winds of Texas is that he’ll get to spend some time with his foster brother Kevin or he should now say, Pastor Kevin.  Ill prepared for the winery conditions he finds at River’s End Ranch his first stop is for some hot coffee at Kelsey’s Kafe  If Max had believed in love at first sight, it would have hit him right between the eyes at the first glance of a beautiful waitress delivering the mana of the gods… hot coffee with a smile just for him.  It wouldn’t take long before Max decided that this angel was perfect for not only him but for the boys ranch back home.  Joni was perfect, now he just had to convince her that even he could believe in love at first sight.

Joni is an old friend of readers who have followed the River’s End Ranch from the beginning.  She’s been working on her degree in social work while working at the Kafe.  She’s finished her schooling now and with a brand new degree in hand she’s ready to set out to do the work of her heart.  Except there really isn’t much work in her new filed locally.  Extending her time a bit longer at the Kafe to help out Kelsi hasn’t been a hardship, but it’s soon time to make those final decisions.  One Texas cowboy may just have all the answers she’ll ever need.  An almost instant attraction, one really nice man with a heart of gold and a past that he’s still in some ways facing Max is a man that Joni could see herself with for a lifetime.  When he talks about the boys ranch and how she could find work there it’s a lifetime she’d take a chance on… as long as that chance includes Max.

Peppermint Proposal is a nice, easy tie-in with Ms Osbourne’s new series Seven Sons about the McClain Boys Ranch.  A series that I fully intend to get started on.  I’ve kind of been waiting for Joni’s story as she’s been a stable at the Ranch for so long, she deserves a good man.  Max and Joni’s romance may seen quick, but love knows and time doesn’t always matter.  I’m definitely hoping to keep up with this couple’s life in another series as secondary characters.  I happen to love those types of connecting series.  If you’re in the mood for a sweet love story then Peppermint Proposal is perfect for you.  I’d recommend this one and all of the stories in this series to any Romance reader who firmly believes in love… and maybe a bit of help from the fairies.

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