Mandy Brighton loves her vintage storefront, her eclectic neighborhood, her small town way of life. Sure, sometimes change is necessary—didn’t she convert Whimsy into a cupcake bakery, and expand the kitchen? But architect Kevin MacNeal wants to tear down her building to revitalize Harmony’s Main Street to match his design for the new Community Center.

Kevin, a self-proclaimed urbanite, thinks nothing beats having his favorite chain coffee shop on every corner. There’s something comforting about the anonymity of the big city and exciting about its expanded opportunities. Small town residents, with their small town thinking, baffle him.

She seduces him with whimsical cupcakes and fabulous food. He seduces her with, well, seduction. But when he targets his campaign at her great-aunt, his betrayal hurts more than possibly losing her business.

Can they find a way to come to a sweet compromise? Harmony cupcake lovers want to know!

Titles in the Thurston Hotel series include:  A Thurston Promise by Brenda Sinclair – Opposite of Frozen by Jan O’Hara – On A Whim by Win Day – Love Under Construction by Shelia Seabrook – A Lasting Harmony by Shelley Kassiian – With Open Arms by M. K. Stelmack – The Starlight Gardens by Maeve Buchanan – Betting On Courage by Alyssa Linn Palmer – The Thurston Heirloom by Suzanne Stengl – An Angel’s Secret by Ellen Jorgy – To A Tea by Katie O’Connor – A Thurston Christmas by Brenda Sinclair

Kevin has great plans for the small town community of Harmony.  His vision will forever change the look and feel of this quaint town.  It’s too bad that he doesn’t care one bit about the opinion of the business owners or the citizens of Harmony.  Oh, he’s not diabolical about it, he is simply a man who doesn’t get life outside of the big city – or does he know how to exist without his conveniences on every single corner.  His vision is to bring this town into the modern day world… even if it costs him the love of his life.

Mandy loves her shop, the look of her town and no smooth talking city slicker is going to change her opinion.  It’s too bad that Kevin is perfect for her in so many ways… except his belief that small towns are an unnatural way of living.  She’s worked hard to make her cupcake creation filled shop the talk of the town and build her client base.  Now the man she loves wants to tear down her building, and even is willing to go behind her back to do so.  No, just no.  She is so done with that man.  But try telling her heart that.

I enjoyed Mandy and Kevin’s romance.  If there ever was a story hero who just couldn’t “get it” about a small town, it was Kevin.  He honestly didn’t understand why Harmony should remain looking like a quaint, little tourist town when it could be so much more with his designs.  He missed the entire part about shop owners and citizens loving their town exactly as it is.  He’s clueless, but not in a mean way – but it does sometimes appear that he is truly heartless in his goals.  Watching Kevin finally coming to understand, even if it had to be through a diverted tragedy was enjoyable… and not without a little smirk of “told ya so” on my part.  * devilish grin*

I’m enjoying getting to know the people of Harmony through the Thurston Hotel series and would highly recommend it for any Romance reader.  You’ll find charming stories and believable characters… and maybe a pipe smoking ghost.

I read this story through my Kindle Unlimited subscription. For ten dollars a month you get access to thousands of really great stories across all genre, and the authors get paid for you reading the story through to the 100% mark. It’s a win-win. Probably the best 10 bucks I spend a month.

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