ID-10048276My Rating Scale is very simple.  I will rarely post reviews about novels that I Did Not Finish.  And even more rarely will I post a 1 star review.  I find both to be rude and unfair to the authors.  But…  I do know that what one reader hates another will love, so with that thought in mind I will be posting more lower numbers, even if it makes me uncomfortable.  Reading comments on other blogs that I enjoy and follow has taught me that often if the blogger has trashed a novel there is a larger than I thought audience that will say thanks, that sounds like something I’d enjoy.  So.. live, read and learn.  🙂

Just because a book did nothing for me — does not mean that the next person will not love it and make it their new favorite of all time.


What you will find here will be mostly 4’s and 3’s..with the rare 5 – (they happen, just have to be amazing stories)

  • 5 outta 5 = an amazing novel that well far above and beyond the norm
  • 4 outta 5 = a really, excellent novel that was great just didn’t go beyond
  • 3 outta 5 = a good novel, enjoyed it and would recommend it
  • 2 outta 5 = it was okay, I mostly enjoyed it but I really would not suggest buying, maybe borrowing from your local library is the best bet
  • 1 outta 5 = this book was just not for me, didn’t like it, barely finished it – you might like it, but I just couldn’t no matter how hard I tried

There you have it.  Not complicated, not mean-hearted.  But fair, in my opinion.