The Thurston Hotel series is a delightful collection of a romantic, realistic small town and the lives and loves that are discovered there.  Written by several popular romance authors, this series captivates the reader and invites them in to the inner circle of the citizens who call this spot home.

While each book tells the story of one couple’s journey to love, together they give us a glimpse into a lovely town and how lives are so intermingled that it’s difficult to separate them.  Friends, co-workers, family and a few strangers scatter throughout the series, and the strangers don’t remain that way for very long.  There is one main thread woven throughout each story, lightly dealt with as that couple’s story reaches the point of conclusion in the final book of this series.

I’m enjoying this series very much.  Currently, a new book is being released each week to conclude with the Christmas wedding story.  Right now they are available to purchase and for the Kindle Unlimited subscription (however, I’ve no idea how long the KU will be available).

I grew up in a small town, and this series captures that feeling of closeness and exasperation as well.  Everyone knows your name and your business, at least their interpretation of your business, ya know?

The Thurston Hotel books have their own website, and there you can check out details and a really neat map of the town of Harmony with all the business locations clearly marked.  It’s a fun series, and an entertaining group of people who live and work around the Thurston Hotel.  Come for a visit, I’m betting you’ll stay for a while.

The Thurston Hotel Series

  1.  A Thurston Promise by Brenda Sinclair
  2. Opposite of Frozen by Jan O’Hara
  3. On A Whim by Win Day
  4. Love Under Construction by Shelia Seabrook
  5. A Lasting Harmony by Shelley Kassiian
  6. With Open Arms by M. K. Stelmack
  7. The Starlight Gardens by Maeve Buchanan
  8. Betting On Courage by Alyssa Linn Palmer
  9. The Thurston Heirloom by Suzanne Stengl
  10. An Angel’s Secret by Ellen Jorgy
  11. To A Tea by Katie O’Connor
  12. A Thurston Christmas by Brenda Sinclair

All books in the Thurston Hotel series listed above are linked to the review post here at Romance Is Ageless.