Seven Sons is an unique series by authors Kirsten Osbourne and Amelia Adams (so far) that chronicles the lives of the McClain brothers and their family’s boy’s ranch helping young boys who are in the foster care system learn how to put their talents toward a fulfilling future for themselves.  Of course, each brother will find his own love along the way and add to the family legacy.  There are touches in this family that show connections to some of the other series that these writers have played a part in both contemporary and historical romance series.  What sets this particular series apart in its uniqueness are the gifts that each brother has and I’ll let you discover exactly what those gifts are as the series continues.  But they do add a special feeling to this series that I’m certain you’ll enjoy.

Titles will be added as they are released.  And any reviews that are here on Romance is Ageless will be linked back to the review post.

Seven Sons

  1. Adam by Kirsten Osbourne
  2. Benjamin by Amelia Adams
  3. Caleb by Kirsten Osbourne
  4. Daniel by Amelia Adams
  5. Ephraim by Kirsten Osbourne
  6. Frank by Amelia Adams
  7. Gideon by Kirsten Osbourne