Four brothers are forced by their Grandfather’s will to marry quickly – four sisters who are living under unrealistic circumstances need to break free and live a life that is right for them.  (Actually make that six sisters for there are twins who need their happy ending as well.)  Soon there’s going to be a lot more people added to this series.  As of today there are 16 books in this series and counting… whew, I definitely need to get some back-list reading done!  But that’s certainly not a horrible chore.

There you have the basic idea of the Culpepper Cowboys series written by Kirsten Osbourne and Merry Farmer – (click on their names to head to their official websites).

Culpepper Cowboys

  1.   Wyoming Wedding by Kirsten Osbourne
  2.   Rancher’s Remorse by Merry Farmer
  3.   Cowboy’s Conundrum by Kirsten Osbourne
  4.   Teacher’s Troublemaker by Merry Farmer
  5.   Baker’s Bargain by Kirsten Osbourne
  6.   Scotsman’s Siren by Merry Farmer
  7.   Trainer’s Treat by Kirsten Osbourne
  8.   Veterinarian’s Vixen by Merry Farmer
  9.   Contractor’s Cookies by Kirsten Osbourne
  10.   Tycoon’s Tryst by Merry Farmer
  11.   Bartender’s Beauty by Kirsten Osbourne
  12.   Drifter’s Darling by Merry Farmer
  13.   Agent’s Admirer by Kirsten Osbourne
  14.   Hairdresser’s Honey by Merry Farmer
  15.   Pastor’s Prize by Kirsten Osbourne
  16.   Architect’s Angel by Merry Farmer