The Brothers of Whiskey River is a series co-written by Katherine Garbera and Eve Gaddy -it is a series that has gone through somewhat of a transformation.  The Brothers of Whiskey River novels have new covers and new titles… but, this was originally a differently named series, with different titles and covers.  And that information is listed below so that there is no confusion – or you purchase the newer books not realizing that you may already have them in your collection.  

(to be honest here, that is a particular pet peeve of mine – I read so much that I often go on the “look” of the cover for recognizing something I’ve read before – I’ve learned my lesson the hard and expensive way to always read the blurb)

Anyway, I do not know the reasons for the changes, but I absolutely trust Tule Publishing and these authors to have had a sound, marketing perhaps, reason for the change.  The important fact is that the stories within the covers and titles remain the same – no matter which version you may have or might read in the future.   And they all are fun, sexy, totally satisfying Romances that I’m pretty certain you’d enjoy.  I know that I certainly did.  🙂

These stories have been reviewed using the newer titles and covers here at Romance Is Ageless – but I’ve listed both below for information purposes.

All Reviews that were posted here at Romance Is Ageless have been linked to the review post.

The Brothers of Whiskey River

  • Scandal with the Rancher by Julia Justiss   (a prequel Historical Romance featuring the brother’s father.. the founder of their empire and a bit of a scoundrel himself)
  1.   Texas Heirs by Katherine Garbera & Eve Gaddy
  2.   Texas Cowboy by Eve Gaddy
  3.   Texas Tycoon by Katherine Garbera
  4.   Texas Rebel by Eve Gaddy
  5.   Texas Lover by Katherine Garbera
  6.   Texas Bachelor by Katherine Garbera & Eve Gaddy


Whiskey River
  1.   Where There’s A Will (now Texas Heirs)
  2.   One Night With The Cowboy (now Texas Cowboy)
  3.   One Night With The Tycoon (now Texas Tycoon)
  4.   One Night With The Bad Boy (now Texas Rebel)
  5.   One Night With The Playboy (now Texas Lover)
  6.   The Valentine Gamble (now Texas Bachelor)

No matter the title or cover – they are all damned good books so enjoy.  🙂