Motorcycle ManTitle:  Motorcycle Man
Series:  Dream Man #4
Author:  Kristen Ashley
Genre:  MC Romance, Contemporary Romance
Published:  December 11, 2012
My Rating:  5+ stars
Source:  Owned, Paperback & Kindle Edition
Cover Description:

Get ready to ride…

Tyra Masters has had enough drama to last a lifetime. Now, she’s back on track and looking forward to her new, quiet life. Until she meets the man of her dreams. The tattooed, muscled biker plies her with tequila-and the best sex of her life. She knows it isn’t the tequila and hot sex talking. He’s the kind of man she’s always wanted. Unfortunately, he’s also her new boss…

Kane “Tack” Allen has a rule. He doesn’t employ someone he’s slept with. So when he learns he spent last night in bed with his new office manager, he quickly fires Tyra. Yet when Tyra stands up to him and fights for her job, Tack is intrigued. He tells her she can keep her job on one condition: no more sex. Ever. But as things heat up between them, Tack finds that he’ll be the one breaking all the rules…

Read on for my thoughts on one of my all time favorite novels, Motorcycle Man.

”Life’s a roller coaster. Best damn ride in the park. You don’t close your eyes, hold on and wait for it to be over, babe. You keep your eyes open, lift your hands straight up in the air and enjoy the ride for as long as it lasts.” ~Kane “Tack” Allen

Over the years I have had many favorite novels, we all have. Motorcycle Man remains in the top number 1 spot of that list for me – and I do not see it slipping past that number any time soon, if ever.  I cannot explain why, even to myself, so I’ve just given in and admitted that this is a story that I loved, connected with and enjoyed on such a level that I don’t think it can be topped.

If you’ve followed the Dream Man series, then you have run into Tack before.  He is arrogant, opinionated, rude, powerful and at times a complete jerk.  He can also be tender (his version of tender), kind, and in a fight you want him on your side.  And totally, freaking Hot.  He has a habit of nicknaming ladies..  Peaches, Chestnut, Red for a few examples.  He has slowly, steadily changed Chaos Motorcycle Club from the foul pit that it once was to something with a reputation if not squeaky clean, at least a lot of steps up from what it was before his hostile takeover of the club.  He is a man who has his own kind of honor, his own sense of right and wrong and he is a force to be reckoned with.  The members of Chaos are by no means angels of any type – yet there is a loyalty, a sense of family that few people on the outside will ever understand.

Tyra walked into this family the night she went to a Chaos party, made her way to Tack’s bed and had the absolutely best night of her life.  Okay, so the morning after wasn’t so much to write home about.  Monday morning she would report to the office at Chaos headquarters and begin her training as the new office manager.  So what if Tack declared she was fired upon sight.  So freaking what if he never worked with anyone he had sex with.  Tyra stood up to him and simply refused to be fired.  And that caught Tack’s attention.  And now, Tyra is in for the ride of her life.

Throughout the Dream Man series there has been an underlying storyline of some serious crap going down in Denver – and each of the dream men have had their part in dealing with it.  Now in Tack’s story it comes to a stunning, satisfying conclusion.

Tack is my favorite of the heroes in this series.  I’ve always had a soft spot for a bad boy – and is he ever that and more.  There is another quote from Motorcycle Man that I’d like to share.

And into the darkness, to his sleeping woman he whispered, “You don’t know this baby, but some men have dream women too.”

Did I mention earlier about Tack’s version of tender?  Yeah.  He can be an absolute jerk, but when he turns to his woman and says stuff like that while she sleeps safe next to him.  That complexity of this obviously bad boy melts my heart.  Tack has a habit that you will pick up on throughout the story, when the reason for that habit is revealed I can pretty much count on you having tears in your eyes.  So many layers to this man, and to his and Tyra’s story.

This is a novel that you should read, no matter what your stance on motorcycle club novels is.  Yeah, the characters do belong to a MC – but that’s not all of it, that is only a portion of what this story is about — and you should discover that magic for yourself.

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Available in Paperback, Audio and for the Kindle