Gillian Wharton’s world is rosy—her son, Fred, has found his beloved, their wedding is on track and the bank is running quite smoothly. Maybe grandchildren are in the future, and her world as head of the town’s oldest bank is humming along. Nothing could be better, and as Christmas and the Jingle Bell Jam fundraiser loom, her world is in order. 

Her future daughter-in-law’s family floods in for the wedding, and when Fred and Olivia nudge her toward re-entering the dating world, it’s not at all what she had in mind for this time in her life. And when Olivia’s uncle joins the mix, too, things get really confusing. 

Christmas is fast approaching and with mistletoe everywhere, Gillian finds herself in a quandary. Is being alone what she really wants—or needs? And can the mistletoe she keeps finding herself under help her decide? 

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Title:  Mistletoe Mistake
Series:  River’s End Ranch #35
Author:  Cindy Caldwell
Genre:  Contemporary Romance, Christmas Romance
Published:  December 3, 2017
My Rating:  4 stars

Mistletoe Mistake lovingly proves the point that there is no age limit for love and that romance is truly ageless.  Not that long ago Gillian’s son Fred met the woman of his dreams and he and Olivia are about to say their “i do’s”.  As his mother, she’s as proud and as happy as she can be, as a widow she can’t help but remember back to her own wedding day and the husband she’d lost far too soon.  But this was the future for these two amazing young people and she’d be happy for them.

Although her son and daughter-in-law were teasing her into considering dating now that her son was safely married off, Gillian was going along with their teasing even as she shook her head at their antics.  Yet, when Olivia’s uncle arrived the spark between Aaron and Gillian was obvious to just about everyone – maybe a woman could be blessed twice in one lifetime to find really good men to love.

I enjoyed Aaron and Gillian’s whirlwind romance, when you know it’s right why pretend to need time – time that should never be wasted.  This was another lovely romance with a definite Christmas theme.  Aaron proved himself to be exactly what Gillian needs when without even trying he makes a decision that would shadow her own desires.  They think alike, their beliefs and values are the same – and not everyone gets that chance at love so they’re going for it and enjoying every single second.  I had fun with this sweet Christmas romance which proves that age is only a number, it’s what’s in the heart that matters.

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