Melissa Winchester moved across the country, from Boston, MA to Riston, ID to be far away and safe. She’s following two dreams, one is owning and running a book store in the Old West town on the ranch. The other is writing her own mystery novels. She has been at the ranch for over six months now, and just when she’s starting to fully relax, something happens that has her feeling as though her past may be catching up to her. 

Bernie’s brother, Jack Jennings is a likable ladies man, who falls in and out of love so fast, it makes Bernie’s head spin. So, she doesn’t take him seriously when he tells her after one meeting, that Melissa is the one. They met in Bernie’s story, when Jack, who is a local police officer, rode out to Melissa’s house to respond to a house alarm. A basement window was broken. Could have been an animal, or kids, or something else. Jack feels protective in a way he never has before. 

Which is why he proposes what seems like the ideal solution to keep Melissa safe–a marriage of convenience! Melissa is reluctant at first, but Jack is persuasive and since it’s not a ‘real’ marriage, she agrees, knowing that she will feel safer with Jack in the house. But as they spend time together, she worries that her heart won’t be safe when this arrangement ends. Plus, ever since her window broke, even with Jack living there, her sense of unease only grows stronger as she worries that her ex-boyfriend has been tracking her.

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Title:  Missing Melissa
Series:  River’s End Ranch #27
Author:  Pamela Kelley
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  September 10, 2017
My Rating:  4 stars

It wasn’t in Melissa’s personality to run away from troubles, yet she and her twin sister agreed that getting far from Boston and her ex-boyfriend, turned stalker was a necessary move.  As she opened her bookstore in River’s End Ranch’s Old West Town and continued with her own mystery writings, Melissa began to feel safe again.  Until she discovered that her ex wasn’t in Boston and a chilling conversation with her sister convinced her that trouble was heading her way… fast.

Local police officer, Jack loved the ladies.  On, not in a bad boy way, he simply enjoyed their company and kept things light for he knew one day he’d meet the right woman for him.  When Melissa let the local sheriff’s office know that her troubles might soon be in their town one lawman had an interesting solution.  Sure, they’d met around the ranch, even shared a few fun dances and conversation at a wedding so they certainly weren’t strangers.  But when Jack offered a marriage of convenience to get her ex to take her moving on seriously, Melissa agreed.  It didn’t hurt that there might be a bit of a crush on Jack in her reasoning.  And having this funny, determined man at her side would make her feel so much safer.  She knew it wasn’t forever, but stranger things had happened at the River’s End Ranch.

Missing Melissa is a fun story with an edge of approaching danger to it.  Jack and Melissa really do make a charming, believable couple, and there really is no doubt that eventually they’ll both see what is right in front of them.  We get the chance to visit with a few well known characters from the Ranch, meet some new people that just may have their stories told eventually – since we all know, the fairies know what the heart hasn’t decided on yet.  *grin*

I enjoyed myself on this recent visit to the River’s End Ranch, and if you’re a Romance reader then I’m certain you’d have fun with this one, too.

I read this story through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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