Dr. Joshua Hardy is at his wit’s end. It’s bad enough that his beloved great-aunt is approaching dementia, and is always talking about hearing the fairies, but now she’s insisting they want to talk to him too! To a scientist like Joshua, the idea is preposterous…right up until the moment he meets Allison Ravenwing. 

Allison is proud of the work she does for the laboring mamas of Riston, and she doesn’t consider her life lacking. At forty, she’s set in her ways and knows what she wants from life: conversations with her little brother, her grandmother’s special tea, and the look of wonder on a mother’s face as she meets her baby for the first time. But Allison can’t deny that sharing conversations, successes, and challenges with Joshua brings a new kind of joy to her heart.

As Joshua is struggling with his aunt’s revelations, a mysterious something leads a desperate pair of orphans right into his heart, and Joshua and Allison need to make some difficult decisions about their comfortable lives. Do they maintain the status quo, or opt for something truly… Marvelous.

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Title:  Midwife’s Marvel
Series:  River’s End Ranch #29
Author:  Caroline Lee
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  October 8, 2017
My Rating:  4.5 stars

I haven’t read one River’s End Ranch story that I didn’t enjoy… yet, Midwife’s Marvel has a few extra touches that sets it apart from the rest (for me) for a few different reasons.

Jaclyn’s great-nephew, Joshua, has come for an extended visit to River’s End Ranch Resort.  To catch up with old friends, visit with his great aunt and decide where his life is heading next was his only plan for the moment.  Yet his aunt’s insistence on talking to the fairies and him listening in as well is beginning to concern him.  Joshua believes in science… not talking garden gnomes or chatting with non existent fairies.  Still, Joshua cannot deny that there is something in the air here at River’s End.  Why would he suddenly have the intense need to go visit with his old friend Will?  A need so strong that he acts impulsively setting off immediately, in the middle of a visit with Jaclyn.  Well, the fairies know why… and soon you will too.

Allison and Joshua are a delightful couple.  An older couple, think around 40, who have fulfilling careers, are basically happy people who haven’t found that special person to love or children to grace their lives.  Yet, that’s okay – they won’t settle for less than true love and are content with life but open to possibilities.  Two very secure in their own skin people who wouldn’t turn away from love but if it never happens for them… they are still happy with their lives.  Joshua is a needs the facts, no place for magic, pure scientific facts kind of man.  Allison has no trouble believing in the mystical aspects of her heritage.  She may not have ever seen Jaclyn’s fairies, but she doesn’t outright discount them either.  There are always going to be unseen things in life, and if she can’t see them it doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

One of the most beautiful descriptions I’ve read involves experiencing what Jaclyn sees when she’s matchmaking, that obvious to her connection between people.  I don’t want to go into details for it is magical moment and should be experienced first hand – yet, I shall never read another River’s End story without thinking of that scene when Jaclyn does her conversations over tea, cookies, pet rabbits on the chairs and magic in the air.

Midwife’s Marvel is a delightful tale full of finding love, creating a family and believing in magic.  It’s one of the few ‘must read’ stories I will use that phrase about in a review.  I would highly recommend this story as well as the entire series to any Romance reader.  You’ll be hooked and never want to leave River’s End Ranch.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.