Joey Peterson works at the River’s End Ranch pool during the summer to earn money for college in the fall. His job as a lifeguard is fun and rewarding, although his real dream is to practice sports medicine. He’ll get there . . . one semester at a time. 

Chelsea McAllister is an Olympic-hopeful swimmer who damaged her knee on a training run. Looking for a place where she can recover while they celebrate their anniversary, her parents book a trip to River’s End Ranch, not realizing that Chelsea’s ex-boyfriend Joey now works there. 

It’s been two years since Joey and Chelsea have seen each other, and they didn’t part on good terms. Hopefully enough time has gone by to wash the old wounds . . . and that it’s all water under the bridge. 

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Title:  Lucky Lifeguard
Series:  River’s End Ranch #28
Author:  Amelia C. Adams
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  September 24, 2017
My Rating:  4 stars

Lucky Lifeguard brings us a story of the younger set, two college aged people who once dated, parted suddenly and now life has brought them together once again.  Second chances or ships in the night, only Joey and Chelsea can decide that… with a touch of help from the fairies.

Guilt makes us do incredibly stupid things.  And there’s not much worse than a break up that you have no idea why or what happened to change someone’s feelings about you.  Joey and Chelsea dated, seemed to be having a wonderful life together… yet Chelsea got the scholarship for the women’s swim team with Olympic hopes very much alive.  And Joey, although the better swimmer, did not.  A simple reason, the school was looking for members for the women’s team not the mens.  But that knowledge weighed on Chelsea.  Her family was affluent, could better afford her college tuition, Joey worked several part time jobs in order to save for college.  It wasn’t fair… but her ambitions, and her parent’s need for bragging rights overshadowed her decision.  In the end she broke off their relationship.

Now, Chelsea is facing a potentially Olympic hopeful career ending injury.  She’s at River’s End Ranch with her parents, their anniversary and her recuperation coinciding.  Since Joey is working as a life guard at River’s End he has been offered the additional job of being her life guard as she takes over part of the pool for her recovery.  As he is alternating college semesters as a pre med student with a goal of sports medicine, every additional penny saved is needed.  Neither are exactly happy with the arrangement.  But life moves on… except when the emotions are still very much alive and the regrets are far too real.

Although Lucky Lifeguard is geared toward a younger generation, it’s message is loud and clear.  Often children make life choices based not on their own dreams and desires, but on the expectations of their parents.  This is especially true for Chelsea as she has some life altering decisions to make. when faced with what might be her future.  Their light romance is touching and the reader is aware that it will build to much more off page as their years go buy.  There comes a time when the child must become the adult, and make choices that matter only to them.  Chelsea has reached that point now she has to decide what her future will hold.

Like all the many and varied River’s End Ranch stories, this one will touch your emotions.  I’d recommend these stories for any Romance reader who still has that magical belief in love… and maybe fairies.

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