Saddle bronc rider Chance Cochran knows a bad omen when he sees one, and Libby Brennan isn’t just a bad omen, she’s the woman he was married to, five years ago, for all of forty-eight hours—before her father dragged her away and started divorce proceedings.

It isn’t by coincidence Libby Brennan shows up where Chance is celebrating the win that put him in the million-dollar cowboy class. Older and hopefully wiser, she’s come to clear up a legal technicality as well as ask his forgiveness. Then maybe she can move on with her life.

But saying she’s sorry won’t be enough to make amends to this cowboy who has endured a lifetime of people abandoning him. When Chance needs some help after sustaining an injury however, Libby may have a second chance—at love.

Titles in the Hearts of Wyoming series include:  Loving A Cowboy – The Maverick Meets His Match – The Rancher’s Heart

Title:  Loving A Cowboy
Series:  Hearts of Wyoming #1
Author:  Anne Carrole
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  January 23, 2015
My Rating:  4 stars

Libby and Chance’s story is heartbreaking in  many ways, and gives hope for a second chance at the same time.  Once upon a time they’d been a young couple in love.  He from a broken family, she from a successful family.  They’d married believing their love would be enough… the marriage lasted days before Libby was hauled off back home and divorce proceeding were begun.  Now, five years later, Libby is on a mission to accomplish two things.  She wants Chance’s forgiveness, even though she knows that’s an impossible dream, and she needs papers signed so that she can move on with a possible engagement in a few weeks.  Nothing is going to go as she intends.  Everything is going to blow up in her face and present both of them with new issues to deal with.  Love has a mind of it’s own, and their love never died.  Now the question is what do they do with that simple fact.  Fight for each other or simply walk away.  The answer is far from simple.

Loving A Cowboy is often an extremely tense story.  And it’s impossible to pick a side to be on, except for the couple together.  They both were wrong, they both were right.  But untangling this mess is going to take courage, determination and acknowledging that though events changed them, it didn’t alter the fact that they still love each other in spite of it all.

I was caught up in this story quite easily.  And I definitely wanted to shake each of them often, or at the very least sit them down for a stern talking to.  The one thing that Loving A Cowboy does prove is a simple fact – trust can be rebuilt, and even when you think you know someone they can still surprise you.  Sometimes we make bad choices for the right reasons, then we have to go and fix what we broke.  And sometimes the mending is more painful that we could have imagined.  Their love can be strong again, but they both have to let go of the past.

Looking for an intense, emotional romance?  Then I’ve got a book you’ell enjoy.  I’m not certain how quickly I’ll be able to get to the next story in this series, but I’m definitely hooked.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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