I’m a reader who is completely addicted to series.  I happen to love to follow a group of characters and have each eventually have their own story told.  I have quite an attraction to secondary characters for they make a novel come alive.  In a series, those secondary characters get to eventually “star” in their own tale.  And honestly, that seems quite fair.

Harlequin is well known for their series in both individual and multiple authors works.  This page lists those series where several authors have gotten together to create a unique world.

Since I firmly believe in starting a series at the first book, it may take a bit of time to fill up this page.  Or may not, I’m a fast reader.  In any event, I hope that this list will help you discover some new novels to try out… it’s intention is for  me to know where I am in a series order of what to read next so it’s a win-win for us both.

Dynasties: The Montoros  (Harlequin Desire)

  1.   Minding Her Boss’s Business by Janice Maynard
  2.   Carrying A King’s Child by Katherine Garbera
  3.   Seduced by the Spare Heir by Audra Laurence
  4.   The Princess and The Player by Kit Cantrell
  5.   Maid For A Magnate by Jules Bennett
  6.   A Royal Temptation by Charlene Sands