I have been a life long reader of the various Harlequin lines.  Probably long before I actually should have been reading romance novels, if I’m absolutely honest here.  For a few years recently I got away from Harlequin.  Oh, I know the reason… and it’s a silly, personal one.  But I’ve put my big girl panties on and gotten past that because really…. I simply miss those stories.  So enough already, time to get back to what I love.

I decided to bring these reviews to Romance Is Ageless because this blog is purely romance in all of it’s various splendors.  The “problem” becomes how to list them for there are series which have one author all in one line, series with multiple authors in one line… and multiple authors all across the Harlequin lines.  So.  What to do.

For now this page is an “umbrella page” which just means that it’s a heading that I’ll add pages under over time.  Because so many Harlequin authors now also write elsewhere (or a differently named Harlequin division) I’ll keep making author pages in the general sense, with a notation that they write Harlequins as well.  For now that makes the most sense, so I’m off to create… and I hope you’ll soon be of to explore and enjoy.