Andrew Brody, investment banker and self-made millionaire, has just lost his father, but gained an estate. Along with inheriting stocks, bonds, racehorses, and undeveloped land, he learns that he is now the owner of a hotel that has been in the family since 1875 and should probably just be torn down. 

Marissa Clark needs a new challenge – staging homes to sell and rearranging pictures on walls isn’t what she dreamed of doing when she became an interior designer. When she gets a call asking her to help renovate a historical building, she leaps at the change – what a great way to use both her love of texture and fabric and her love of history. 

They believe they’re just taking an old building and giving it a second chance at life . . . but they have no idea that they’re getting a second chance too. 

The Brody Hotel series is a spin-off of the Western Historical Romance series Kansas Crossroads.  The modern day series features the fourth great grandson of Adam and Elizabeth.  The hotel is looking pretty sad but soon with some love and renovations she’ll shine once more.

Titles in the Brody Hotel series include:  Generations – Heartstrings –

Title:  Generations
Series:  Brody Hotel #1
Author:  Amelia C. Adams
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  February 7, 2018
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Have you ever wandered past really old buildings and wondered what they were like when the paint was fresh and the windows crystal clear?  Every home or business has a history, a past.  And for the once beautiful and prosperous Brody Hotel it certainly had a wonderful past filled with love, laughter, intrigue and romance.  Time passes, generations come and go, so much so that now this once proud and beautiful hotel is in a very sad state indeed.  Andrew Brody has plans for this old belle of a building.  He believes it can be restored to what it once was, and could be again.  His board members think he’s crazy, heck, he’s not too sure himself.  But this is a passion he cannot ignore.  The old Brody Hotel speaks to his heart and imagination and he’ll do everything in his power to make that dream of restoring it become a profitable reality.

Marissa has a chance to dive into a childhood dream.  Oh, she’s familiar with the Brody Hotel and has often dreamed of being able to bring it back to its glory days.  When her company (consisting of herself and her best friend) is given the chance to be part of one completely crazy dream Marissa didn’t hesitate… much.  Oh, Andrew was crazy if he thought he could do everything needed in the time allotment, and she had every intention of simply walking away from the dream.  But… something, someone held her back and had her re-thinking her decision.  It would be such hard work on such a tight timetable, but could she really walk away from a lifelong dream of restoring this building?  No, and both she and Andrew knew it.

Generations is the introduction novella to the Brody Hotel series.  It’s a short story, a very basic beginning story of two people who fall in love with an old hotel first before they fall for each other.  I really liked Andrew and Marissa together.  I wasn’t entirely sure of Marissa at first, but I quickly warmed up to her when she admitted her mistakes so readily.  She’s a bit quirky, but then so is Andrew in different ways.  They compliment each other and I’ve a feeling they are going to be quite a pair as time goes on.  I truly felt this was more of a Happy for Now ending as it feels like there is more to this couple yet to come.  Time will tell on that impression, yet they worked perfectly as a way into this series.  I love old buildings.  And that love is shown in the beginnings of this series.

If you read Western Historical Romance then you have experienced the Brody Hotel at its very beginnings in Kansas Crossings.  It just so happened that series is next on my series to read list for my Historically Romantic blog.  It will be enjoyable for me to dive into the Brody Hotel story from its start while waiting for the next story in the modern day Brody Hotel series.  Sometimes timing is everything.

I would definitely recommend Generations to any Romance reader, especially those that cross reading genre and love seeing the past and the future unite.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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