Brandon Chin is one lucky man. He’s got an awesome job working with the production company putting together the new TV show at River’s End Ranch, and he owes his sense of surety to the way his Chinese grandparents raised him. He’s even ready to take his grandmother’s advice and look for love…even though she says it’ll happen when he least expects it. 

Such as over lunch at the tiny Chinese restaurant in Riston. 

The Golden Palace is failing, despite Lin Dryden’s best efforts. Apparently the people of Riston are bored with the menu after all these years, and it’s up to Lin and her mentor Mr. Lee—the owner—to come up with a way to save the restaurant. Luckily, the lunar New Year is approaching, and that’s the best time to make a new beginning, assuming Lin can talk the intriguing Brandon into helping her. 

Between cooking for Valentine’s Day and cooking for Chinese New Year, plus handling some emergencies that pop up, these two learn what real teamwork is about. But is it enough to save the restaurant? And can someone whose license plate says “4CHIN8” possibly consider giving up the lucky life he’s known to find some fortune of his own at River’s End Ranch? 

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Title:  Finding Fortune
Series:  River’s End Ranch #44
Author:  Caroline Lee
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  February 10, 2018
My Rating:  4 stars

Finding Fortune is a charming and interesting story that takes place more around the edges of the River’s End Resort.  Oh, we still run into some familiar faces, and really the places we visit in this one we’ve been to before – but the focus of our couple is more off Resort and in the small neighboring town of Riston  I also enjoyed this one for the additional things I learned outside of the series.  Brandon’s family has seeped him in his Chinese heritage and culture  Lin was adopted from China into her multi-cultural American family along with her adopted sister and brother.  She grew up trying her best to fit in and knows little of her native culture.  As Brandon taught Lin, he also taught me – and it was an additional enjoyable experience.

With the new project going on at River’s End we’re meeting a lot of new people.  Brandon is working on the financial part, the investors part of getting this pilot for the Legacy series made.  This Californian’s reaction to the snowy, cold winter of Idaho gave me several chuckles and a few laugh out loud moments.  Lin and Brandon’s romance is a steady, slow burn as they get to know each other and discover that they are perfect for each other – but she’s established here with Mr. Lee and his restaurant, and he’s from the West coast where his job is… something has to change for them to be together forever.  Watching them work together and mesh their lives together was an enjoyable time.

I’m also looking forward to a new series that begins in April of 2018 that has Lin’s adoptive sister in a staring role… I love connections between stores, even small ones.  Through their Skype conversations we get an idea of what is happening on the other side of the world.  So, yes, looking forward to discovering that one.

As always I enjoyed my time at River’s End Ranch and would definitely recommend this entire series to any Contemporary Romance reader… these stories are quite addicting.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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