Dr. Michelle Peters was feeling a bit lost in her life as a chiropractor for a destination ranch in Northern Idaho. She had always dreamed of doing work that helped a lot of people, and there just weren’t enough patients there, but she loved the place, so it was hard to make a decision to leave. When an injured man was brought to her, she was happy to help him, but she had no idea who he was or why he was there.

 Steven Pickman was on a secret mission at River’s End Ranch, known only to him, his business partners, and the Weston family. While overlooking the ranch from one of the nearby mountains, he slipped and fell. He had to be rescued by the local search and rescue and ended up in a chiropractor’s office, and he didn’t even think chiropractors could help people. It didn’t take him long to fall for his beautiful doctor. But would she be annoyed when she realized his real purpose on the ranch? Or would he be able to convince her she belonged in his life? 

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Title:  Doctor’s Delight
Series:  River’s End Ranch #41
Author:  Kirsten Osbourne
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  December 31, 2017
My Rating:  4 stars

We finally get the answer to hints that have been dropped in several previous story in the River’s End Ranch series.  And, no, not going to specify on that answer either.  It’s something you should discover for yourself not through a review.

Doctor’s Delight is Michelle and Steven’s romance.  Falling off a mountain probably wasn’t one of Steven’s best moves, and even though he hates hospitals and thinks chiropractors are quacks if not for that fall he’d never have met Michelle.  This couple are far different from each other, one laid back the other rigid, so it’s going to take some of the fairies magic to bring this couple together.

While I enjoyed the setup of what is to come to the ranch, and meeting up with some favorite characters from cross series again, I never could warm up to Michelle.  I get a strong, independent woman, but… I don’t know, I simply could not connect with her or her attitude.  I liked Steven, even with his suspicions about alignments and adjustments.  I will also admit that I’m missing the old, original Jaclyn.  In the past few books Jaclyn has lost that slightly eccentric, magical feel to her and now comes off as a stalker-ish older woman with flights of dementia.,  I miss the original Jaclyn and I wish the authors would bring that character back.  They certainly are not my books to write, but they are characters I’ve come to love and looking at other reviews I’m not the only one to see the change in Jaclyn.

I’m looking forward to discovering what new people and changes will now come to River’s End Ranch with these new events falling into place.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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