Abby Meyers runs the UPS Store on River’s End Ranch, and she does a very good job of it, too. Even when it means that she has to interact with people, and that’s unfortunate because sometimes people are just . . . too people-y. And that includes Reggie Armstrong, who probably skips through rainstorms wearing bright galoshes and handing out lollipops. He’s just too happy, and Abby finds that incredibly annoying.

Reggie Armstrong can’t put his finger on it, but there’s something about Abby that intrigues him. The more he gets to know her and discover the layers beneath her crusty exterior, the more he likes the tender woman inside. And then a chance gift cracks everything wide open, and there just might not be enough duct tape to put it all back together again.

But with a little nudge from the fairies, maybe everything will turn out exactly how it was meant to..

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Title:  Delivering Destiny
Series:  River’s End Ranch #23
Author:  Amelia C. Adams
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  July 14, 2017
My Rating:.  4 stars

Abby isn’t what one would call a “people person”.  No, she likes a few, very few specific members of the species, but for the most part people annoy her for one reason or another.  It’s hard to avoid them since she does run the UPS store, otherwise known as the Post Office in Old West Town at River’s End Ranch Resort… but that doesn’t mean she has to like that fact.  Reggie, one of the numerous people who live on or near the ranch as employees is one of those people that for some unknown reason seems to push those famous buttons of Abby’s.  He’s always been nice, never rude or nasty, she just can’t seem to let him in to her inner circle of people she’d like.  And that’s too bad, because Reggie has been thinking nice thoughts about Abby for some time now… if only sh’d give him a chance.

Sometimes it’s the silliest of things that can change a life.  Like letting Reggie help her, and then “owing” him a return favor.  Simple, but it’s a start to a building block full of firsts for this couple.  And soon Abby will be wondering how she could have not seen what an amazing guy Reggie truly is… after a few times helping with pranks, an emotional reunion and the help of the faeries…

I liked Reggie and Abby.  They fit and sometimes you simply have to keep looking until you find that person who fits.  Abby’s been through a lot in her short life, some pains that many of us can never truly understand.  Her past has shaped her, and in order to move on she has to face parts of that past and find some sense of moving beyond what was.  Reggie is perfect to help her realize all that is waiting for her, she just had to start letting those pesky humans into her life a bit more.

I’d recommend this story or any one from this entertaining series.  You’ll find likable characters, a great base of consistent characters and simply a really good story every single time.  It’s hard to ask for more than that.

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