Daniel McClain divides his time between the boys’ ranch and the local hospital, using his gift to heal injuries and take away pain from his patients. He’s well used to how his gift works and what the parameters are, but something’s shifting, and he’s not sure if that’s good or bad. 

Claire Hudson is looking for a new home. As a chef used to working in five-star restaurants, she’s received plenty of accolades for her talents, but something inside her wants more. She gets on her motorcycle to see where the road takes her and ends up at a ranch outside Bagley, Texas – a place where she must confront her past and accept a future that doesn’t even seem possible. 

Neither expect the changes that are about to take place, but the powers that be have it well in hand.

Seven Sons is a multi-author series – more information can be found on the Seven Sons page.  Titles in the Seven Sons series include:  Adam – Benjamin – Caleb – Daniel – Ephraim – Frank – Gideon

Title:  Daniel
Series:  Seven Sons #4
Author:  Amelia C. Adams
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  November 28, 2017
My Rating:  4 stars

All of the McClain brothers, heck the entire family is pretty amazing.  To go through life with unique gifts, while many people think you’re odd or weird isn’t an easy chore for anyone.  Yet this family has managed to do just that… live their life with their gifts and simply do the best they can with the tools at hand.  And if that means a little bit of extra knowledge in certain areas, so be it.  Yet to be fair it’s not easy to wander onto this ranch and not feel the special gifts  of the land, the people and what good they’re all doing for some young men who need their unique touch.

As a medical doctor Daniel has ample opportunities to use his unique gift of healing… without being obvious about it.  Yet there is one young man on the ranch who is confounding Daniel with his symptoms.  Daniel’s gift is also confusing him a bit because it’s changing and he’s learning how to bring those changes into what he’s up to now done so naturally.  Add into this mix the woman that Daniel is to marry one day and it’s easy to see how chaos and uncertainty could arise in everyone.

Claire has left the big city far behind as she looks for a new start somewhere new.  Her motorcycle, one suitcase and her talents as an excellent chef are all that she’s bringing into this new life.  This boy’s ranch seems just too good to be true.  There has to be some muck underneath the surface.  Claire isn’t one to trust easily, life taught her that lesson at a too young age.  She’s a product of the foster care system herself, and as she settles into her new job she’s wondering what her life might have been if she’d had this type of environment to grow up in.  But life is what it is, and now she’s dealing with one man who acted like he hated her on sight only to discover a whole lot more going on here than she could ever have imagined.

Daniel is an enjoyable romance with two main characters who work well together – once we get past Claire’s suspicious mind.  Throughout the series we’ve seen what good the brothers’ gifts can do and the toll it can take as well.  In Daniel this is brought strongly into the forefront of the story.  One young man, Hunter, is obviously in physical distress – the kid’s sick and nothing about his symptoms makes sense to Daniel on either the healer or the doctor side of him  So we get a different feel to the responsibility of having unique talents, sometimes we don’t know what to do and we just have to keep trying until we discover the answer.  Daniel’s natural frustration was brought out in a believable, realistic way that any reader could relate to.  I enjoyed this couple, as well as their unique story.

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