Alicia Roper has worked in the general store at River’s End Ranch for a long time now, and she’s seen it all – romances, weddings, daring search and rescue missions – and she’s not surprised by anything anymore. Well, until someone from her past shows up on the candy aisle of her store one day, someone she never thought she’d see again. 

Oz Burton has taken any number of odd jobs over the last several years in a search to keep himself busy. He doesn’t like tying himself down to any one place too long. Seeing Alicia again just might be enough to make him change his mind, but there’s a pretty big obstacle standing in their way, and it will take the love of a family to see them through. Of course, add a little rabbit into the mix, and you never know what will happen, especially so close to Valentine’s Day …

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Title:  Candy Crush
Series:  River’s End Ranch #43
Author:  Amelia C. Adams
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  January 28, 2018
My Rating:  4 stars

Candy Crush is another charming, enjoyable, lighthearted addition to the River’s End Ranch series, although this time with a slightly more serious undertone.  The choices we make in life matter, not only to ourselves but to those around us – even strangers.  This is something that the people in this story will discover along the way of falling in love.

Oz and Alicia each had super crushes on each other back when her sister was engaged to his brother.  They were awkward teenagers then, neither ever let on how they felt, and one brother’s actions changed everything for everyone.  When their siblings broke up, in a rather nasty way, Oz and Alicia lost touch for one family’s anger was very fierce against all members of the other’s.  Time passed until they each found themselves working at River’s End Ranch – and what was meant to be would find a way.

I enjoyed this couple very much.  Life moves on, and when we know the truth about something important, life can also change.  Loved the introduction of one very special rabbit.  And, hopefully, something good – like maybe a future romance – can come out of one man’s careless actions, time will tell.  I had fun with Candy Crush and would definitely recommend it for any Contemporary Romance reader who loves a good, solid romance with believable characters.

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