The tiny, mountain town of Peakview, Colorado, wouldn’t be the same without Violet’s Café, and its owner, Violet Woods. Widowed in her fifties, she leads a solitary life with only her cat Lucky to keep her warm at night. All thoughts of romance died with Stan. They had a wonderful, long happy marriage, and she’s content to live out the rest of her life with her memories.

 Howard Crandall, Peakview’s only mechanic, is a confirmed bachelor and something of a hermit. When Stan died, he took it upon himself to look out for Violet. Over the years, they have become friends, but it isn’t until the past he has hid from for thirty year past suddenly catches up with him, that he opens up to the idea of finding love.

 Is there a second chance for these two lonely souls? 

Titles in the Peakview series include::  Colorado Sunset – Breakfast For Two – Colorado Cabin in the Pines –  Colorado Wrangler – Colorado Cowboy Christmas – Colorado Winter Moon – Colorado Summer Stars – Colorado Golden Sunrise –

Title:  Breakfast For Two
Series:  Peakview #2
Author:  Jill Haymaker
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  September 15, 2015
My Rating:  4 stars

Age is just a number and love doesn’t pay all that much attention to that kind of pesky detail.  Things are about to get interesting in the small mountain town of Peakview, Colorado.  When a stranger and her teen age daughter wander into Violet’s Cafe looking for hot drinks and a certain mechanic no one knew what an important part these two would play for many residents.

Howard had been Violet’s late husband’s best friend.  In the years since Stan’s death, Howard and Violet have become good friends.  Howard always seems to be there for whatever Violet needs done around her property.  Lately Violet has been seeing Howard with slightly different eyes.  And Howard has always been in love with this strong, lovely lady.  He simply felt that she needed a friend more than anything else.  But it sure has been hard keeping those feelings at bay over the years.  With this new awareness between them, someone’s going to have to make that first move.  Or perhaps fate will intervene and change several lives at once.

Breakfast For Two is a slice of life kind of romance.  Things happen, choices made, and often we have no clue of things that happened out of our sight.  I enjoyed this story on several levels.  Mainly it is about loving someone.  Romantically, yes, certainly.  But also discovering that family love is unique and welcomed late in life is another startling discovery.  I think it’s easy to know what is coming within this story, but I also don’t want to give things away.  So, I’ll simply say that this story has all the enjoyable aspects of small town living, and the joy of experiencing love… no matter your age.  And a very good life lesson:  never stop living until that last breath.  You just never know what may be around the corner to change a life forever.

I own a Kindle edition of this story.

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