Start with a hot anvil, add a little bit of aloha, a failure of an anxiety pig, a whole lotta Elvis Presley, and what do you get? Christmas at River’s End Ranch!

Since moving to River’s End Ranch to take over the blacksmith shop, Elvis “Elf” Redfern has been surrounded on all sides by deliriously happy couples in love. And despite his well-earned reputation as a flirt, he’s beyond jealous. He’s ready to find the love of his life—like his sisters have done—and figures that Christmas is just the time to make it happen.

Which probably means that he shouldn’t have taken that bet about kissing the first woman he sees, huh?

Belle Kalani is used to fending off men; as a former beauty queen, she understands that most only want to spend time with her because of her appearance. But Elf is different; he sees past her beauty to the part of her that’s desperate for friendship. And when he reveals a surprising talent, all bets are off when it comes to True Love and Christmas at River’s End Ranch!

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Title:  Blacksmith’s Beauty
Series:  River’s End Ranch #19
Author:  Caroline Lee
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  May 21, 2017
My Rating:  4 stars

Oh, what trouble a simple bet said jokingly, or at least that’s how Elf took it to be, ended up causing Elvis Redfern – new mechanic and resident blacksmith at the River’s End Ranch Resort.  Who could have ever imagined that the next woman to walk into Elf’s blacksmith shop immediately after those fateful words were spoken would be this beauty, this lovely lady that Elf really wanted to get to know in a definitely serious way.  That silly bet – forgotten with one look into her eyes.  Too bad Andrew didn’t forget it later on.

Blacksmith’s Beauty is such a touching romance.  You’ll be smiling at Elf’s Southern charms and natural flirty personality, you’ll probably get a good chuckle out of Tootles the anxiety therapy pig who suffers from… wait for it… anxiety herself.  But you’ll most likely feel for Belle, a former beauty queen who has more than her share of men taking her at appearances level and never wanting to get past the outer shell that contains her beauty – they don’t see the lovely, lonely girl behind the former Miss Idaho’s smile  At the first hint of a flirt’s personality in a man she’s dating or even talking to… and she’s outta there.  Now Elf has to work a bit harder to convince Belle that he’s serious, and his flirting isn’t meant to be taken seriously by anyone.

I dare you to not be singing along in your head as some of The King’s, the actual Elvis’ song lyrics pop up here and there throughout this romance.  In fact, I double dog dare ya.  *grin*  It’s impossible… okay, maybe if you’re young and don’t know who Elvis is aside from a music icon.. but really, you have to have heard these songs somewhere in an elevator maybe.  Those lyrics add just the right touch as some very important parts of Belle and Elf’s romance.

I always enjoy a visit to the River’s End Ranch and meeting this lovely couple was a special treat.  I’d recommend Blacksmith’s Beauty to any Romance reader who enjoys a good story, fun secondary characters and that special magic that is love.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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