Melissa Daniels inherited her grandparents’ pumpkin farm upon their deaths, and she wants nothing more than to keep their legacy alive by providing beautiful pumpkins to the community for Halloween. But when it’s a week before the holiday and her entire crop is ruined, she has no idea what to do. She’s counseled to talk to Benjamin McClain, the man with the green thumb, for his advice.

 Benjamin McClain is more than willing to help out a neighbor in need, especially one as pretty as Melissa. He’s stunned, however, to learn that he’s actually the cause of all her problems. Thankfully, he can also be the solution—if he can just get her to trust him. 

Titles in the Seven Sons series include:  Adam – Benjamin – Caleb – Daniel – Ephraim – Frank – Gidieon

Title:  Benjamin
Series:  Seven Sons #2
Author:  Amelia C. Adams
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  November 13, 2017
My Rating:  4 stars

All of the McClain brothers have a natural born gift, one that isn’t really easily explained but very real nonetheless.  Benjamin’s gift is an affinity with the land, he’s what you might call a plant whisperer.  He has that special touch with any growing thing and usually it is a natural, easy almost unthinking thing that he does.  Only this time he asked something of the land and it sort of backfired in an unexpected way.  Things might not have gone as intended, but it certainly did get him an introduction to a lovely neighbor, Melissa.

Melissa is of an age that she no longer expects romance, she’s been hurt and she’s not traveling down that road again.  When her neighbor offers help with her pumpkin harvest she’s attracted, sure… but this guy has some serious games being played on her and she’s not liking it one bit.  But what if Benjamin is exactly what he says he is, and feels about her the way she’s beginning to feel about him?

Benjamin is a fun, sweet romance that I enjoyed.  If Melissa got a bit out of orbit with her conspiracy theories well, I did my best to put myself in her shoes and wondered if I could believe Benjamin’s abilities myself.  They make a sweet couple, and we get a bit more involved with the McClain family.

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