When I’m in the mood for not only a romantic read but a tender, touching, realistic one as well then I turn to RaeAnne Thayne.  She always delivers a romance with characters I can, on some level, relate to and care about… even if it takes me a chapter or two before I develop that closeness, just like in real life.  We don’t all start out as best friends, but it never takes long before I understand why a character is acting as they do and begin to see their side of the story as well.  It tales skill, talent and emotions to turn a character around for me and that is always what I find in one of Ms Thayne’s romances.

I was first introduced to her stories through Harlequin (and Silhouette and Loveswept – oops, I’m aging myself now), and I’ll always come back for more.  Many of her stories I read long before a blog was even a glimmer of a thought in my  mind, so I don’t (yet) have a lot of reviews up for her works – but that will soon change.  I’ll be reviewing her Christmas stories on my purely Christmas Romance blog Heart Full of Christmas and will bring those reviews over here as well to keep the complete listing in one spot.  So for now, here is a list of her series and review links will follow soon.

If you want to check out her official website here’s that link:  RaeAnne Thayne

Titles that have been reviewed here at Romance is Ageless will be linked back to the review post – some Christmas reviews may be linked to another of my blogs Heart Full of Christmas if they are not here yet due to keeping the series order intact as I post reviews.  Should the link take you off of this site it will be clearly marked.

Haven Point

  1. Snow Angel Cove – Aiden & Eliza (daughter Maddie)
  2.  Redemption Bay
  3.   Evergreen Springs
  4.   Riverbend Road
  5.   Snowfall in Haven Point
  6.   Serenity Harbor
  7.   Sugar Pine Trail

Hope’s Crossing

  1.   Blackberry Summer
  2.   Woodrose Mountain
  3.   Sweet Laurel Falls
  4.   Currant Creek Valley
  5.   Willowleaf Lane
  6.   Christmas in Snowflake Canyon
  7.   Wild Iris Ridge

The Cowboys of Cold Creek

  1.   Light the Stars
  2.   Dancing in the Moonlight
  3.   Dalton’s Undoing
  4.   The Cowboy’s Christmas Miracle
  5.   A Cold Creek Homecoming
  6.   A Cold Creek Holiday
  7.   A Cold Creek Secret
  8.   A Cold Creek Baby
  9.   Christmas in Cold Creek
  10.   A Cold Creek Reunion
  11.   A Cold Creek Noel
  12.   A Cold Creek Christmas Surprise
  13.   The Christmas Ranch
  14.   A Cold Creek Christmas Story
  15.   The Holiday Gift
  16.   The Rancher’s Christmas Song

The Women of Brambleberry House

  1.   The Daddy Makeover
  2.   His Second Chance Family
  3.   A Soldier’s Secret

Home in Whiskey Creek

  1.   In Too Deep
  2.   Endangered
  3.   Fireworks
  4.   Sweet Justice