If you’re looking for a good, solid Romance to get caught up in, then I’d have to recommend that you try Terri Osburn‘s works.  I discovered her recently through receiving an ARC of the most recent story in her series, Ardent Springs.  I quickly decided to go back and read that series from the beginning and to add the rest of her works to my ever growing TBR overflowing pile.

Her official website link is over there –>  Terri Osburn

Shooting Stars

  1.   Rising Star – Dylan & Charley
  2.   Falling Star –

Anchor Island

  1.   Meant To Be
  2.   Up To The challenge
  3.   Home To Stay
  4.   More To Give

Ardent Springs

  1.   His First and Last – Lorelei & Spencer
  2.   Our Now and Forever
  3.   My One and Only
  4.   Her Hopes and Dreams