I have spent many an enjoyable hour or more lost in one of Anne McAllister’s stories over the years.  If you love romance, then I’m thinking you’ve read at least one of her stories in your reading travels. At some point you’ve probably read on of her Harlequin brand stories.   If not – then there’s no time like the present to fix that little problem.  *grin*  I began reading her stories long before I began a book blog, so I’ll need to go back and re-read some of these and get reviews up.  But for now I’ll go with her most current works that I’m in the middle of right now and go on from there.

Ms. McAllister spins a wonderful reading web, I’ve enjoyed her characters and their stories very much.  Take a chance on a new to you author, if you don’t know her works… and enjoy the experience.

Right now, there are several stories being published by Tule  Publishing (one of my personal favorite houses).  Some stories are part of multi-author series, others are reissued and revised stories that you night have encountered years ago or perhaps a brand new story.  No matter what “house” you know her from, you’re sure to find a great story to enjoy.

Her official website can be found over there –>  Anne McAllister

(These are the stories you’ll find reviewed here at Romance Is Ageless.  The titles are linked back to the reviews done here – as I get caught up on her back list those series and reviews will be added to this page.)

The Tanner Brothers

  1.   Cowboys Don’t Cry
  2.   Cowboys Don’t Quit
  3.   Cowboys Don’t Stay
  4.   The Cowboy and The Kid
  5.   Cowboy Pride

The Great Wedding Giveaway (multi-author series)

#8  Last Year’s Bride

Now, here’s an interesting side note on how books or book ideas truly do take on lives of their own.  Tule Publishing has a new series called “Sons of Montana” which truly began with a story that was part of a multi-author group.  Now, an entire group of hot men who have left Marietta and needed to return home for a “short” time are getting their own series – all because one brother off on his own away from the ranch wouldn’t stay quiet and unpublished *grin*  (This is a temporary listing of the projected series titles from Ms. McAllister’s website subject to change of course)

Sons of Montana

  1.   Last Year’s Bride
  2.   O’Driscoll’s Heir
  3.   Tucker’s Temptation
  4.   McCullough’s Pride
  5.   Hawk’s Christmas Miracle