Lucy Kevin is a pen name for Bella Andre where she writes sweet, romantic romances of the non-steamy style.  If you love the feeling of falling in love, then you’ll enjoy Lucy Kevin’s romances.

Lucy Kevin’s titles and information can be found on Bella Andre’s website:  Bella Andre

There aren’t as many titles under this pen name, but they certainly are enjoyable, addicting romances.

One of these series has also been opened up to the Kindle Worlds options where other authors are given permission to write within another author’s world.  Those titles can be found under the Kindle Worlds tab here on Romance Is Ageless.

Any titles that h ave been reviewed here at Romance Is Ageless are linked back to the review post.

Four Weddings & A FIasco

  1.   The Wedding Gift
  2.   The Wedding Dance
  3.   The Wedding Song
  4.   The Wedding Dress
  5.   The Wedding Kiss

Walker Island

  1.   Be My Love
  2.   No Other Love
  3.   When It’s Love
  4.   All For Love
  5.   Forever In Love