The first book that I remember clearly reading of Kelly Hunter’s was What A Bachelor Needs which was part of the multi-author series Montana Born Bachelor Auction.  I recall thinking that I would be looking for more of her titles, and I did find several through Tule Publishing – and I loved every single one.  She’s also written for Harlequin – and now I have another back list of books to go looking for, but what a horrible chore, right?  *huge grin*

Ms Hunter writes the types of stories that take me out of my world and into another place – and that is exactly why I read, to be carried away for a time, see things I might never see in my life.  Always realistic, relatable and heartwarming… really, what more could you ask from a Romance Author?

If you’d like a look at her impressive back list or want to know what she’s currently doing, her official website is over there –>  KELLY HUNTER

While most of her stories that I’ve already read are through Tule, I’ll be adding anything that I pick up from her back list over time.

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The Jackson Family

  1.   The Courage of Eli Jackson
  2.   The Heart of Caleb Jackson
  3.   The Downfall of Cutter Jackson

Multi-Author Series

  • Pursued By The Rogue from Fairytales of New York 
  • What A Bachelor Needs from Montana Born Bachelor Auction
  • What A Bride Wants from The Great Wedding Giveaway
  • Casey from American Extreme Bull Riders Tour