I came upon Katie Graykowski’s work by accident.  I find most of the authors that I follow, read all their back lists and put on auto-buy pretty much by accident.  I enjoy her style of writing and her character development.  She writes about people that I could know in real life or would certainly like to add to my collection of friends.  When you find an author that delivers good stories and believable people living in them… well, you stick with them.

Her official website can be found over there –>  Katie Graykowski

Texas Rose Ranch

  1.   Texas Rose Forever – CanDee & Cinco
  2.   Texas Rose Always – Justus & Rowdy
  3.   Texas Rose Evermore

The Marilyns

  1.   Place Your Betts
  2.   Getting Lucky
  3.   Sorry Charlie

The Lone Stars

  1.   The Perfect Summer
  2.   Saving Grace
  3.   Changing Lanes
  4.   The Debra Dilemma

PTO Murder Club Mystery

  1.   Rest In Pieces
  2.   Blown To Pieces