I first discovered J. H. Croix through her Paranormal Romance works.  Hey, I love a good Shifter Romance.  I knew she had Contemporary Romance novels out there that I hadn’t read yet, so on to my “To Be Read author list” she went.  Recently I was fortunate to be permitted to read an ARC of the start of her Last Frontier Lodge series – and I was immediately hooked by both her writing style and the series.  I wish my reading and reviewing schedule would allow me to simply dive into these series – but I’ll slowly get them read and reviewed.

Her official website link can be found over there –>  J. H. Croix

Diamond Creek, Alaska

  1.   When Love Comes
  2.   Follow Love
  3.   Love unbroken
  4.   Love Untamed
  5.   Tumble Into Love
  6.   Escape To Alaska

Last Frontier Lodge

  1.   Christmas On The Last Frontier
  2.   Love At last
  3.   Just This Once
  4.   Falling Fast
  5.   Stay with Me
  6.   When We Fall