I first experienced Ms Carmichael’s works when I got hooked on the romances based in Marietta, Montana through Tule Publishing.  Yeah.  I was hooked from that moment onward, and I don’t see an ending in sight – which, believe me, is a very good thing.  While she writes heart grabbing romances, Ms Carmichael also delivers mysteries well worth your time.  I’m one of those readers who enjoys many genres, so it’s always a special treat when I discoverer favorite authors branching out into other genres.  Many of her romance stories have been reviewed on my  Keeper Bookshelf  a hodge-podge of genre review blog, but as I gather all the series together, eventually those reviews will also be here at Romance Is Ageless – I  like to keep the genre reviews together for the purely Romance readers.  🙂

You may know Ms Carmichael from her stories for Harlequin, me too.  Although, I’ve mostly read CJ Carmichael through Tule Publishing, and often their stories will cross over into other series as well.  so, occasionally, you’ll find more than one link as to where to find CJ Carmichael’s books on this blog.  I’ll do my b est to mate notations when this happens on both relative pages.

If you’d like to visit her official website the link is right over there –>  CJ Carmichael

Reviews that have been posted here on Romance Is Ageless will be linked back to that review post.

Carrigans of the Circle C

  1.   Promise Me, Cowboy – Sage & Dawson – (Book #3 in The 75th Copper Mountain Rodeo)
  2.   Good Together
  3.   Close To Her Heart
  4.   A Cowgirl’s Christmas
  5.   Snowbound In Montana
  6.   A Bramble House Christmas