Kristen AshleyKristen Ashley has some of the hottest, sexiest, most likely to ensure an orgasm at first sight heroes.  Not Kidding Here.

If you are the least bit offended by sex, all kinds of sex, really-really detailed sex then you are going to miss some of the best heroes and heroines in fiction today.

If, on the other hand, you believe that anything goes between the sheets (or outside of ’em) when two people love, respect and care about each other and one way of expressing it is through amazing sex – have I got the right author for you.

I discovered Kristen Ashley’s novels quite by chance.  And that was a pretty lucky day for me.  I still have series to read, but what a sweet pastime that’s gonna be.

The first novel of Ms. Ashley’s that I read was Motorcycle Man and that fast I had found another author that I am proud to now consider a Favorite Author of mine.  I’m doing some back reading now to get myself caught up on all of her series.




Dream Man

  1.   Mystery Man
  2.   Wild Man
  3.   Law Man
  4.   Motorcycle Man

Chaos (a continuation of the MC in Motorcycle Man)

  1.   Own The Wind
  2.   Fire Inside
  3.   Ride Steady
  4.   Walk Through Fire
additional bonus stories

More Pleasure Than Pain (read it after Ride Steady)

Elvira Bonus Scene (read after Walk Through Fire)

Every Year in the Christmas Anthology – A Christmas To Remember

Rock Chick

  1.   Rock Chick
  2.   Rock Chick Rescue
  3.   Rock Chick Redemption
  4.   Rock Chick Renegade
  5.   Rock Chick Revenge
  6.   Rock Chick Reckoning
  7.   Rock Chick Regret
  8.   Rock Chick Revolution

The Colorado Mountain

  1.   The Gamble
  2.   Sweet Dreams
  3.   Lady Luck
  4.   Breathe
  5.   Jagged
  6.   Kaleidoscope

The Burg

  1.   For You
  2.   At Peace
  3.   Golden Trail
  4.   Games of the Heart
  5.   The Promise

The Three (a paranormal trilogy)

  1.   Until the Sun Falls From The Sky
  2.   With Everything I Am
  3.   Wild and Free

Unfinished Heroes

  1.   Knight
  2.   Creed
  3.   Raid
  4.   Deacon

The Magdalene Trilogy

  1.   The Will
  2.   Soaring
  3.   untitled at this time

Ghosts & Reincarnation (a paranormal series)

  1.   Sommersgate House
  2.   Lacybourne Manor
  3.   Penmort Castle
  4.   Fairytale Come Alive
  5.   Lucky Stars

There are so many wonderful tales and additions to keep up with at Kristen Ashley’s website – I would strongly suggest that you go over for a visit.