Melody Ann writes some pretty amazing romances.  I first got caught up in her “Anderson” series and have followed her work ever since.  I’ve read but not reviewed every thing, since I do have a lot of reviews (for many authors) to get caught up on that I read before I began blogging.  And a few do need moved here from my main blog Keeper Bookshelf.  All beside the point.

If you enjoy really good romances with a tight knit family core then you’ll enjoy Melody Anne’s stories.

Her official website can be found:  Melody Anne

Any title that has been reviewed here at Romance Is Ageless will be linked back to the review post.

Depending where you see a list from (exp. Amazon or Goodreads) these titles fall under different series names… so I went to the source and have listed them according to the order on Melody Anne’s official website.  I figure who knows better than the author herself?!

(( This is by no means Melody Anne’s complete book list, only the series that I have or intent to read and review.  For her complete book list you should follow the link above to her official website. ))

Billionaire Bachelors

  1.   The Billionaire Wins The Game – Lucas & Amy
  2.   The Billionaire’s Dance – Alex & Jessica
  3.   The Billionaire Falls – Mark & Emily
  4.   The Billionaire’s Marriage Proposal – Trenton & Jennifer
  5.   Blackmailing the Billionaire – Max & Cassie
  6.   Runaway Heiress – Bree & Chad
  7.   The Billionaire’s Final Stand – Austin & Kinsey

The Lost Andersons

  1.   Unexpected Treasure – Crew & Haley
  2.   Hidden Treasure – Brielle & Colt
  3.   Holiday Treasure – Tanner & Kyla
  4.   Priceless Treasure – Ashton & Savannah
  5.   The Ultimate Treasure – Lance & Alexa (Lexie)

Baby For The Billionaire

  1.   The Tycoon’s Revenge – Derek & Jasmine
  2.   The Tycoon’s Vacation – Drew & Trinity
  3.   The Tycoon’s Secret –  Damien & Sierra
  4.   The Lost Tycoon – Bryson & Mystic

Unexpected Heroes

  1.   Safe In His Arms – Hawk & Natalie
  2.   Her Unexpected Hero –  Jackson & Alyssa
  3.   Who I Am With You – Taylor & Travis
  4.   Her Hometown Hero – Spence &
  5.   Following Her – Axel & Ella
  6.   Her Forever Hero –

The Billionaire Aviators

  1.   Turbulent Intentions –  Cooper & Stormy
  2.   Turbulent Desires – Maverick & Lindsey
  3.   Turbulent Waters – Nick and Chloe
  4.   Turbulent Intrigue – Ace & Dakota

Undercover Billionaires

  1.   Kian –