An unexpected KissTitle:  An Unexpected Kiss
Series:  Treasured Dreams #2
Author:  Susan Hatler
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  August 11, 2015
My Rating:  4.5 stars
Source:  Owned, Kindle Edition
Cover Description:

Holly is beyond excited about her first date with Dave. They share a love for her beloved small mountain resort town, plus she’s never felt such sparks for a guy before.

But when her mom warns her to proceed with caution so she won’t get disappointed, Holly pulls back—until an unexpected surprise entices her to risk her heart completely.

Read on for my thoughts about An Unexpected Kiss.

We continue getting to know Holly and Dave in this second short story in the Treasured Dreams series.  Later the same day that they met, Holly and Dave agree to have diner at a local restaurant overlooking the lake.

Of course Holly answered her mom’s call – and that conversation put a bit of a dim on her excitement of going out with Dave.  He seems so nice and he “gets” her, but her mom did have some points – even if Holly didn’t want to consider them.  At all.  So it was with a bit m ore caution that she headed for the meeting with a stranger who didn’t feel like one of those in any way possible.

Dave and Holly’s date goes off wonderfully.  And they each are realizing that taking a chance on each other appears to be so very much worth the risk.

An Unexpected Kiss takes us a bit deeper into the beginning of Holly and Dave’s relationship.  This series is delightfully written in the manner of an unfolding romance, from the very first meeting.  We get to learn more about each character over dinner conversation and shared memories – very much as if we were along with them on their new adventure.

Ms Hatler has the ability to touch the heart with words and images.  This time we are aware of the first date nerves for them both.  And the slowly easing tension into lively conversation.  They are getting to know each other, and so are we.

A short, sweet, emotional story that will bring out the feels, and perhaps some personal memories.  This is a romance unfolding, slowly, naturally and I am enjoying each glimpse into the romantic lives of Holly and Dave.

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