An Unexpected BabyTitle:  An Unexpected Baby
Series:  Treasured Dreams #7
Author:  Susan Hatler
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  February 12, 2016
My Rating:  5 stars
Source:  Owned, Kindle Edition
Cover Description:

Holly’s already in over her head when she and her husband receive an offer to adopt a baby. They make a decision on the spot, but Holly’s afraid she’ll regret their choice forever.

What if it’s those unexpected moments in Holly’s life that will make her most treasured dreams come true?

Read on for my thoughts on An Unexpected Baby.

We’ve been there with Holly and Dave through all of the important moments of their lives together.  Now we get to experience the most precious of all.

Sometimes you simply have to let your heart tell you what is best – not your logical mind.  Dave and Holly  were thinking with their heads allowing exhaustion and future plans get in the way of what they both knew in their hearts.

There’s always room for the unexpected gifts of life, especially when they’re filled with love.

As we’ve come to the ending of Holly and Dave’s journey (at least for now) I have to thank Susan Hatler for an amazing set of short stories that cut through everything and get right to the heart of the matter.  These stories aren’t long, but they certainly are packed full of emotions that most of us have experienced at some point in our lives… or will in time.

If somehow you’ve missed these wonderful stories I invite you to start back at the beginning and simply enjoy.  It won’t take a lot of your time, but they all will fill your heart with that unique experience of love – and isn’t that the most unexpected gift of all?

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