Tiffani Simpson has a nice orderly life, and she loves it. She gives her all to her work every day. When she loses her job and accepts a position working for the McClain Boys’ Ranch, things change, but she can accept small changes. What she can’t accept is the most handsome man she’s ever met as her boss. She doesn’t believe in dating someone she works with, so it’s hard to know what to do about him.

 Adam McClain, following his father’s advice, hires Tiffani Simpson as the ranch’s new fundraising coordinator. As an empath, he has a difficult time being too close to people, but there’s something about Tiffani that draws him toward her. When he finds himself in a situation where he feels he has to choose between her and the work he’s always known he was born to do, he gets confused. Can he make it work to be with Tiffani and take care of his boys? Or will he choose to spend the rest of his life alone? 

Titles in the Seven Sons series include:  Adam – Benjamin – Caleb – Daniel –

Title:  Adam
Series:  Seven Sons #1
Author:  Kirsten Osbourne
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  November 9, 2017
My Rating:  4 stars

Adam begins the Seven Sons series with a definitely unique touch to these stories.  Each of these brothers has a very special “gift”, and as you’ll come to understand throughout the series those gifts are often helpful but equally troublesome in several ways.  Each man will face his own situation where the woman he comes to love will enhance his abilities in ways that no one could ever have known.  You may also pick up that there are threads in Seven Sons that connect in some small way to many series that Kirsten Osbourne has written stories for… and if you follow Ms Osbourne then I’ll let you find those gems for yourself.  I picked up three clues to series that I’ve read, and there may be more – I’m pretty certain we’ll get more hints as the series continues.  It’s a fun touch and adds to the enjoyment of this series.

Adam has devoted most of his life to the family’s Boys’ Ranch where they help young teens who are in the foster car system, really at the last hope for them place in the system learn how to cope with life, set aside the troubles that brought them into foster care and begin the journey to learn how to be strong men who will contribute to society once they finally leave not only foster care but the Ranch as well.  It’s something Adam’s family has done for generations and it is extremely rewarding – but also extremely demanding on him mentally and emotionally.  Running such a huge operation takes talent, co-ordination and donations but the woman who has been their lead fundraiser for years has retired.  Adam’s father gives him a strong suggestion as to who to hire for the position… and Adam knows better than to ignore his dad’s advice.

Tiffani likes order, and her life has just been sent into total disarray when she’s laid off from her job… and is offered an interview for another almost immediately.  Her mind is already overflowing with ideas on how she could help the McClain family raise even more money from their fundraising efforts.  She may not have the job just yet, but she’s going in fully loaded with ideas to impress.  What Tiffani doesn’t understand is that she is stepping into a prophecy, a glimpse of the future that Adam’s dad has already seen… now all it will take is for two people to fall in love.

There is a lot of destiny at play in Adam.  And I suspect we’re going to see even more as the series progresses.  Tiffani and Adam’s whirlwind romance is sweet and clean, but I’m very glad that there was definitely the strong attraction between them that also had to be addressed in ways that were right for Adam.  Just because someone says no to premarital sex does not mean that they do not feel the desire, only that their willpower is strong enough to wait.  There is a lot of family history, and special gifts explaining that Adam must do for Tiffani.  It can be overwhelming especially in the middle of a very intense courtship.  Unfortunately, a situation will occur where Adam feels he has to make a choice – one that he didn’t think out very well but reacted to emotionally.  That mistake could cost him his happy ending.

I enjoyed Tiffani and Adam’s romance.  There is world building, of course, but it isn’t overwhelming.  A couple who are believable in their surprise, frustrations and acceptance of each other makes this a very enjoyable read.  I’m definitely going to enjoy seeing how the rest of the brothers handle their own romances.  I’d recommend Adam for any Romance reader.

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