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I love reading Romance in any genre.  Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal, Fantasy, Suspense, Futuristic, Mystery, Thriller… well you get the idea.

My name is Marsha and I run a few other book blogs.  Keeper Bookshelf  which is my main review blog, a hodgepodge of all types of Romance Novel Reviews.  And  Haunted Bookshelf  which is purely Paranormal Romance. And  Shifter Haven  which is purely about Shifters and their mates – Paranormal Romance with an exclusive slant toward the Shifter romance novels.   And  Smexy Does It  which is for those naughty *wink* erotic reads.  And  Romantic Historicals  which explores the lovely and at times steamy love stories of Regency and Historical Romance novels. And  Heart Full of Christmas  which is mostly Christmas romance stories with a bit ot other Christmassy things tossed in as well.  Of course, this one Romance Is Ageless.

While I consider Romance Is Ageless to be a Contemporary Romance Review Blog today, I started this website because I saw a lack in the book review world.  It often seems that publishers, editors and even authors forget that there is an audience out there that is no longer going through the aungst of the teenage years.  We have lived a full life and are looking for our reading material to reflect that.

People put off marriage or even searching for love while they focus on their careers.  Couples part for a variety of reasons, that doesn’t mean that romance or love is lost to them forever.  Death is a part of life at any age – just because a woman (or man) is now widowed doesn’t mean they have to put up the dancing shoes.

As I’ve said before – today’s 60 ain’t my grandma’s 60.

I’m looking to add Mature Romance Novels to my bookshelves.  No, not the naughty ones (but they have their place too *wink*).  I’m looking to read about couples in their 30’s – 40’s – 50’s – 60’s and heck even beyond who have found that magical thing called love… no matter their age.  And despite what the young’uns may think…sex does not stop at 30.  Nope.  😉

So, I consider Romance is Ageless to be a Contemporary Romance book review blog with a stronger slant toward romance with the over 30 crowd as the main focus.

Here at Romance Is Ageless you will find reviews of Romance Novels (or others occasionally) that feature couples beyond their 20’s.  You will also find Pages that give book recommendations for the mature reader and authors that have written novels for mature readers as well.

I sincerely hope that you find something here that brought you a smile – or a new book to check out.  Enjoy.


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