Bernie’s Birthday stars Wade Weston’s assistant Bernie, who is turning twenty-seven when the story begins. All is going well in her life, she loves her job at the ranch and recently had a promotion. She has a full life between work, friends, and family. She’s super close to her older brother, Jack, who is a bit of a ladies man, but a sweetheart too. He just hasn’t found ‘the one’. And neither has Bernie.

She’s been too busy to look but as the rumor says, love has a way of finding you when you least expect it. Though the only person she keeps running into is David, the ER doc who helped Wade when he had his panic attack. She’s known him since she was in elementary school and David always seemed like he couldn’t stand her. At least that’s how it seemed to Bernie….

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Title:  Bernie’s Birthday
Series:  River’s End Ranch #22
Author:  Pamela Kelley
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  July 1, 2017
My Rating:  4 stars

Bernie has always been in the background, doing her job, helping friends throughout the River’s End Ranch series.  Now she gets her time to shine in the spotlight of her own love story.  It’s Bernie’s birthday and she’s overloading on more cake than she ever expected – and run-ins with a man she’s known since their school days.  The boy back then had been a bit of a jerk, a geek, and a terrible prankster.  She was convinced he hated her, which kinda sucked since she might have  had a slight crush, once upon a time.  But David quickly squashed that with his mean teasing.  So she let those memories go and did her best to avoid him.  Difficult when he worked in the local ER, was her boss’s friend and lately seems to be showing up everywhere she is.

David has been looking for his “the one” and he thought he’d found her right up until it became clear she was more interested in what she saw as a doctor’s wife lifestyle.  They parted, for him it was done, but she’s not going to let her prize slip way so easily.  He’d tried to be the nice guy about it, but even nice guys have limits.  He hadn’t always been nice.  Back in his young school days he’d been quite the jerk, teasing and pulling pranks – especially to one girl who he liked but didn’t know how to show it except for excessive teasing.  Today no would know that he’d once been painfully shy and had tried to hide that fact in all the wrong ways.

Now fate or the faeries have reunited Bernie and David in a way that just might prove to be their happy ever after life – if they can show their true selves to each other.  And if David can explain a few things that cross Bernie’s no go zone – lies.  If they have a chance at all, then David has some explaining to do.  And hope that love wins in the end.

Bernie’s Birthday is fun, sweet and proves that what you see on the surface doesn’t always tell the whole story.  I completely enjoyed spending time at River’s End Ranch once again.  And with two people who so deserve their chance at happiness.  Light hearted on many levels with a touch of relationship reality that anyone can relate to, this one hits all the right buttons.  I had fun.  And I’d recommend this story, this series to any Contemporary Romance reader.

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